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Cheerful village girl dreaming about her future plans of becoming a pilot
Happy Indian housewife braiding child's hair - mother-daughter bonding
Mother scolding daughter while helping her in studies - education concept
Village lady applying Mehendi on child's hand - mother-daughter bonding
Cheerful village housewife studying at home - adult education concept
Young village housewife supporting Shiksha for all - education concept
Confident Indian woman fluently reading a book sitting inside her kitchen
Small daughter of a villager applying Mehendi/Henna on her mother's hand
Attractive female farmer happily chatting on her smartphone at home
Pretty village woman adjusting her saree Pallu/Ghunghat while sitting in the kitchen
Village housewife putting card details of her new debit/credit card for online purchase
Happy village housewife counting her earnings - home finance concept
Attractive village woman getting confused while operating her new laptop
Young mother learning to run a laptop from her daughter - modern villager
Indian village woman making clothes on her old hand sewing machine
Happy village mother showing a new designer frock for her little daughter
Mother and daughter playing hand clap games - happy parenting
Village housewife lighting a lantern while her husband and daughter studying - Nuclear village family
Indian housewife cleaning grains in a traditional kitchen while husband showing mobile
Villager helping his little daughter in her studies - girl child education
Frustrated village man smoking alone sitting at home - stressed lifestyle
Angry Indian couple feeling extremely frustrated after fighting with each other
Indian boyfriend-girlfriend facing conflicts while living in a live-in relationship
Young Indian couple fighting and shouting at each other during a heated argument
Young boyfriend-girlfriend facing conflicts while living in a live-in relationship
Indian boyfriend-girlfriend cheerfully greeting their relatives on a video call
Attractive Indian couple happily talking to their friends over a video call/chat
Frustrated Indian man yelling and shouting at his girlfriend while she is crying