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Medium shot of an elderly grandmother from an Indian village smoking hookah
Aged Indian grandmother smoking hookah while sitting on chaarpai in a rural background
Cute young children happily playing with puppies while sitting on a charpai
Young grandsons happily reading a book with their grandmother during daytime
Elderly grandma busy talking on a mobile phone against a rural background
Old Indian grandmother happily talking to her relatives using her smartphone
Two little grandsons with their granny waving during a video chat in a village
Aged Indian granny happily reading a book with her grandsons - village scene
Sporty Indian girl suffering from severe shoulder pain after her routine workout
Young sportswoman experiencing extreme wrist pain after her evening workout
Attractive Indian sportswoman doing push-ups at her fitness studio in sportswear
Attractive Indian sportswoman doing abs workout at home for a healthy lifestyle
Young sportswoman experiencing severe neck ache after the morning workout
Indian girl doing high boat to low boat sit-ups on a yoga mat - fitness concept
Young sportswoman performing strength training workout in her fitness studio
Young female athlete performing strengthening exercises at home in sportswear
Medium shot of a sporty Indian female skipping rope at home - fitness concept
Attractive young female performing standing crisscross crunches in sportswear
Sporty Indian girl doing push-ups to build her upper body strength on a yoga mat
Medium shot of a sporty Indian girl exercising with dumbbells in sports clothing
Portrait of a beautiful female athlete doing muscle workout using dumbbells
Indian sports girl happily doing warm-up exercises - healthy quarantine lifestyle
Young female athlete energetically jogging at one place in her fitness studio
Closeup shot of a sporty Indian girl's feet skipping rope in the gym or at home
Medium shot of an attractive young female smiling against the white background
Portrait shot of a young female athlete smiling while looking towards the camera
Closeup shot of a young woman's legs jogging barefoot in the place at home
An elderly woman and young lady knitting woolen clothes outdoors - hobby concept