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Close-up of a Muslim man offering namaz at home
Close-up shot of a Muslim man doing namaz on Jai Namaz - Ramzan, Ramadan
Close-up shot of a Muslim man praying at home during Ramadan - Namaz
Handsome young Indian boy wiping his face with a white towel - clean hygienic
Tired exhausted employee drinking coffee while working late night in the office
Young Indian office employee sleeping on the desk, working late night - office employee
Cute playful little child girl playing with toys at home - making a braid of her favorite doll
Active little child girl playing with doll in her room - children play concept
Adorable young Indian child with curly hairs making drawing and coloring at home
Cheerful little child girl playing with a teddy bear in the bedroom - child play concept
Cute little Indian girl with curly hairs playing in the bedroom - seated with a toy doll
Happy preschooler Indian kid playing and hiding her face with hands - childhood concept
Young Indian little child girl with tiara playing at home - childhood
Cute little child girl doing homework and reading a book - Education and smart learning concept
Smiling beautiful girl with tiara using a mobile phone at night in the bedroom - technology concept
Cute little child girl sleeping in a bedroom at night. Sweet dreams. Childhood concept
Pretty child girl standing in front of the mirror and applying makeup with a fluffy brush
Portrait of a cute Indian innocent girl kid blowing air on elbow wound
Indian husband giving medicine and glass of water to a sick wife - Medical Condition, Health Issue
Middle-aged woman and husband doing online shopping using a credit card or debit card - Online payment at an e-commerce website
Indian Modern Family in Metro City - Husband wife sitting together and using smartphone separately
Frustrated Indian wife - Husband trying to calm her down. Fight scene - Modern day issues with couples
Middle age happy Indian couple sitting on the sofa - laughing, drinking tea, discussion about family matters
Indian teenage son and his middle-aged mother checking laptop and discussing - Online Education
Happy wife serving home cooked food to her husband with love and care - Family bonding
Mid age Indian woman talking on the phone. Shocked, Angry, Surprised expression
Middle aged Indian parents interrupted by son showing his grade - Happy Indian Family
Indian man having severe shoulder pain - Unable to work. Mid aged man medical condition