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Middle-aged man using smartphone in free time post workout - time pass, fat man, losing weight
An Indian man listening and vibing to a song in the playground - relax-position, healthy-lifestyle, tired after workout
Closeup shot of a fatty Indian man listening to songs in his free time in a park -relaxing after morning walk
Indian middle aged overweight man stretching his body - fitness, obese, obesity, stiff body, weight loss regime
Delhi, India - November 17 2023, A beautiful view of India Gate with the clear blue sky - Indian monument, ancient architecture
Delhi, India - November 17 2023, A beautiful view of the magnificent India Gate on misty morning - famous historical monument of India
Portrait of an upset Indian girl sitting on the swing in the playground, heart break, waiting for a friend
A pretty Indian girl relaxing and reading book - enjoying the sunny weather
Close up shot of West Indian Jasmine - close to nature, sense of touch, ecological balance, go green
A young woman strolls in the garden - beautiful flowers, green plants, fresh air, manicured garden, spending time with nature
Close up shot of a beautiful rock dove is sitting on the wall - Indian bird, avian, Indian bread, breathing issue, flying rat
A rock dove is sitting on the wall - beautiful bird, avian, flying rat, nuisance
A single rock pigeon is sitting on the wall - avian, Columba Livia, flying rate, nuisance, troublesome creature
A small Indian bird sitting under a shade - pipit bird, small creature, freedom
Streams of water flowing down a window - raindrops, raining, thunderstorms, weather
The Indian National flag / Indian Tricolor on the top of a mountain - patriotic, a proud Indian citizen, national pride
Two houseboats are parked / standing on the river - transportation, Kerala backwaters, exploitation of natural resources, dirty green water
Dirty waters in the Kerala backwaters - South India, natural environment, houseboats, shikara, transportation
A houseboat is sailing / moving - transportation, experience, Kerala backwaters, tourism, offbeat experience
Dirty water in the Kerala backwaters - houseboat, South India, transportation
The pond heron is resting / perched on a coconut tree - a colorful bird
Reflection of a coconut tree in the river water - a natural environment, a cinematic view, sun set, sun rise, reflection in the water
A houseboat / Shikara is parked / standing in the river - Kerala backwaters, transportation
A catholic church in a small village in Kerala - Christianity, religious faith and belief
Reflections from a green coconut tree are falling in the river water - Kerala backwaters
The Indian National Flag / Tiranga is being hoisted / waving in the mountainous region - Independence day / republic day
An Indian bird / little white egret walking on a beach - a heron, a migratory bird
Water is being splashed / sprayed on an elephant while taking a bath - mammal, giant animal, happy