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Pan shot of Kerala back waters - coconut tree on the river bank, clear water,reflections, fresh water
Mountain peaks covered by small green trees - a hilly area, a natural environment, rocky mountains
Clean and clear water is flowing from a mountain river valley amongst the rocks - fresh water, natural source of water, sun shining
Clean and clear river water is flowing from a valley - a hilly region
A herd of goats together in the hilly region - mammal, large horns, wild goats on mountain
Clean and clear river water is flowing from a valley - fresh water, natural source of water
Closeup shot of a brown goat with big horns - winter time in hills
A black stray dog is sitting outdoors in winters - relaxing in an open field, cruelty
Water is flowing through the rocks in a river valley - ecology, fresh water, rain water, rivers in mountains, closeup
A wild elephant in the zoo - endangered species, mammal, mammoth animal, tusker, held in captivity
A flock of pigeons eating seeds in Jaipur - Rajasthan, pink city, Indian state, kabutar, Rock Doves
Happy Indian lady eating ice cream in a public park - al fresco, summer treat, sweet frozen dessert, wafer cone ice cream
Indian woman smelling aromatic flowers - floral scent, anxiety relief, mental health, West Indian Jasmine, Red Thechi, Ixora
Energetic Indian woman talking with friend on video call - virtual conversation, chatting with friend, gossiping
Relaxed Indian girl enjoying a book in park - literature, flipping page, mental stimulation, reading a book, book worm
Indian woman sitting in a park drinking coconut water - low-calorie, healthy drink, tropical drink
A young Indian woman smells Bougainvillaea flowers - beautiful smile, stress-relief, mental health, scent
An elegant Indian girl smiles at camera - youthful vibes, expressive eyes, beautiful smile
A portrait shot of a pretty Indian girl looking and smiling at camera - happy, relaxed, outdoor setting
Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, March 2022 - An Indian street vendor selling raw mango salad at the beachside - evening at beach, road side vendor, local street food
Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, March 2022 - A still view of beautiful river - peaceful, natural place, greenery, and mountains
A beautiful scene of Vizag beach in Andhra Pradesh - clean environment, greenery, and boats
New Delhi, India, 17 November 2023: Pollution level rise and cause smog in autumn and winter seasons due to stagnant winds. Rajpath
A dead body of a calf / buffalo floating in the river water - waste materials floating in the river, contaminated water, water degradation
Flowing river water during monsoons - under the bridge, riverbank, natural source, clean water
Water bodies in the city - clean river during monsoons in north India
A calm river passing through a city - green trees, water bodies, overcast sky, brown muddy water
Muddy water flowing in the river during monsoons - green trees, overflowing river, freshwater, natural source of water