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Akshardham, New Delhi, India, 25th November 2021, A gardener in casual clothes using his tools while planting a tree
Yamuna Ghat, New Delhi, India, 25th November 2021, A beautiful brown butterfly sitting on a white blossoming flower
Yamuna Ghat, New Delhi, India, 25th November 2021, Polluted Yamuna river in Delhi
Yamuna Ghat, New Delhi, 19th December 2020 White birds flying together over dirty Yamuna river
Yamuna Ghat, New Delhi, India, 19th December 2020, Beautiful sight of grey pigeons sitting together in the morning
Yamuna Ghat, New Delhi, India, 19th December 2020 Birds flying away against the night sky in the evening
Yamuna Ghat, New Delhi, India, 19th December 2020, Tourists / passengers enjoying a boat ride in the Yamuna river
Female hand watering a young sapling planted on a bed of coins - financial growth
Young female protecting a plant sapling with both hands - environmental health
Watering plant with a spray bottle - Go Green, Save environment, Plant trees
A young woman protecting a plant sapling - Go Green and save the environment
Transparent water droplets / dewdrops falling from a large leaf in the morning
Portrait of a tired farmer washing his face after a hard day's work in the field - Indian village
An Indian man sitting near a river near an agricultural field washing his hands
A young man in casual clothes plucking healthy ridge gourd / turai vegetable from farm
Two Indian domesticated milk yielding cows tied together to a tree in a rural village
Common Indian bird myna flying out of the nest made inside a limestone cave wall
Few drops of water / rainwater falling on a beautiful yellow chamomile flower
A beautiful flower (Helianthus annuus) with a long stem swinging in a garden
A few drops of water / dewdrops falling on a pink Gladiola flower in the garden
Large droplets of water / raindrops falling on a beautiful Champa flower with leaves
An attractive man holding his child while she is watering the plants with a can
Portrait of a father holding and hugging his charming girl child - caring parent
Rearview of an Indian urban man doing walk with his small daughter
Urban father wearing shirt and jeans enjoying a leisure walk with his daughter
Close up shot of a diesel water pump helping Indian villagers to irrigate fields
Elderly grandma busy talking on a mobile phone against a rural background
Village scene of freshwater going into the agricultural fields - irrigation concept