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Young single mom and cute kid spending winter holidays together - family concept
Indian mother and daughter doing school holiday homework with a globe at home
Happy Indian mother and daughter whispering in each other's ears - leisure time
Frustrated Indian mother is tired of the noisy disobedient daughter at home in India
Cute little kid studying and her mom is doing office work at home - Indian family
Exhausted Indian mom scolding her misbehaved and notorious kid at home in India
Young woman having fun with her six-year-old kid in the living room at home - family time
Young mom playing with her cute kid in casual winter wear - lifestyle Indian families
Happy Indian mother and young daughter smiling while holding candle sparklers
Beautiful young woman taking selfies with her cute daughter at home - winter season
Beautiful Indian mother and daughter spending quality time together at home
Smiling Indian mother reading a storybook for her young daughter in India - wintertime
A young mother and her daughter waving a 'Hi' while having a conversation on a video call
Cute little girl learning knitting from her mom during the wintertime in India
Young smiling mother teaching knitting to her little daughter at home - leisure concept
Closeup shot of an Indian mother teaching her daughter how to knit during wintertime
Smiling Indian mother spending winter holidays with her cute little daughter - happy family
Closeup shot of Indian mother spending quality time with her daughter - family concept
Caring Indian mother measuring fever of her sick daughter with a digital thermometer
Loving mom checking the temperature of her sick daughter with high fever during the winter season
A tired little girl falls asleep in the arms of her mom - sleeping time, winter season
Closeup shot of Indian mother and cute daughter taking a nap together - wintertime
Loving parent reading a storybook to her little daughter during the winter season
Young beautiful mother puts a warm blanket on her daughter during the winter season in India
Caring Indian mother combing the hair of her young daughter in the morning - lifestyle concept
Closeup shot of a loving mom brushing amazing long hair of the cute little daughter
Cute little kid opening her birthday gift box with a toothy smile on her face in India
Understanding young girl comforting her mother during her hard time - divorce concept