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Cute little girl learning knitting from her mom during the wintertime in India
Young smiling mother teaching knitting to her little daughter at home - leisure concept
Closeup shot of an Indian mother teaching her daughter how to knit during wintertime
Smiling Indian mother spending winter holidays with her cute little daughter - happy family
Closeup shot of Indian mother spending quality time with her daughter - family concept
Caring Indian mother measuring fever of her sick daughter with a digital thermometer
Loving mom checking the temperature of her sick daughter with high fever during the winter season
A tired little girl falls asleep in the arms of her mom - sleeping time, winter season
Closeup shot of Indian mother and cute daughter taking a nap together - wintertime
Loving parent reading a storybook to her little daughter during the winter season
Young beautiful mother puts a warm blanket on her daughter during the winter season in India
Caring Indian mother combing the hair of her young daughter in the morning - lifestyle concept
Closeup shot of a loving mom brushing amazing long hair of the cute little daughter
Cute little kid opening her birthday gift box with a toothy smile on her face in India
Understanding young girl comforting her mother during her hard time - divorce concept
Crying Indian woman receives a final divorce notice from her husband - bad relationship concept
A handsome young man spending a beautiful summer day with his six-year-old kid in park in India
Indian mother and daughter reading storybook together in the tent on Christmas holiday
Cute little kid spending quality time with her mom while lying in the tent house - winter season
Happy Indian mother reading a storybook to his little son at night - Christmas fun
Beautiful Indian mother and son enjoying a perfect fun day during Christmas season
A cute little boy listening to bedtime stories from his dad on Christmas Eve
Happy Indian father reading a storybook to her daughter at night - Christmas fun
Cute little daughter and her father spending a perfect Christmas holiday in India
Small Indian girl enjoying drawing with her dad while lying together in the tent - Christmas fun
Young dad happily lying with his daughter in the tent on Christmas Eve in India
Happy Indian family in Santa hats having fun in clicking selfies during the Christmas holiday
Christian mother gifting special Christmas presents to her children in Santa hats