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Village scene - Beautiful Indian housewife serving delicious food to her family
Medium shot of an Indian village family eating lunch/dinner together at home
Middle-aged Indian housewife happily cooking and serving food to her family
Indian village housewife happily serving chapatis to her husband and daughter
Village scene of a loving Indian father happily feeding his little daughter
Village scene of a beautiful Indian mother happily feeding her little daughter
Medium shot of a happy village family having lunch/dinner together at home
Indian dad having a fun time with his little girl on a sofa - father-child bonding
A little girl playing a game on a smartphone and the parents sitting by her side
Medium shot of a mother with her daughter spending time with her while chatting
A medium shot of a family of three, sitting together and talking in the living room
A little child doing her homework while the parents are busy on smart gadgets
Long shot of a mother-daughter exercising together while talking to each other
A little girl listening carefully to what her father has to say with a smiling face
A father-daughter enjoying together in the living room while they are in their home
A family doing pillow fight in the night while the child enjoys the parent's company
A little daughter hugging her parents while they talk to her and make her happy
A young married couple chatting with their daughter in the living room
Long shot of parents watching their kid study happily inside their home
An Indian modern family of three using a laptop to make a video call to the relatives
A medium shot of a mother-daughter sharing the tasty food from a bowl
A little daughter jumping on the bed happily while the parents watching her
A happy couple watching their child study and feeling proud of her progress
A married man sitting in stress in the living room while his family is having fun
Adorable little siblings combing their hair while standing in front of a mirror
Cute little siblings happily playing with each other at night before going to bed
Young grandsons happily reading a book with their grandmother during daytime
Two little grandsons with their granny waving during a video chat in a village