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A young Indian housewife spending time with her cute baby girl and her husband
A beautiful Indian mother with her husband and cute little baby
A cute baby child in a casual dress crying while sitting on her father's lap
A cheerful mother cuddling with her beautiful baby girl - Happy nuclear family in India
A young couple lying in bed browsing their smartphones before going to bed
A little child coughing and sneezing while sleeping at night on the bed
Parents scolding their child for excessive mobile use - Technology addiction
A young couple posing happily for pictures with their sweet and adorable child
Happy young parents having fun tickling their child sitting together on the bed
A cheerful-looking Indian father, mother, and son posing in front of the camera
Sideview of a tired Indian athlete breathing heavily with sweat drops on his face
An affectionate village mother talking to her son while he is sitting on her lap
Indian male in casual wear enjoying during a picnic with his little girl in a park
Lovely girl child reading a storybook while sitting on her father's lap outdoors
Teenage girl blowing candles on the cake and celebrating her birthday at home
Excited aged mother and her adult daughter talking while sitting on a sofa
Happy two generations of women embracing each other - togetherness and bonding
An adult daughter hugging her mother to make her happy - happy family
Two angry and stubborn ladies arguing - misunderstanding and disagreement
Mother-daughter bonding - Cheerful lady kissing her adult child's forehead
Young woman with long hair lovingly hugging a teenage girl - emotional moment
Indian loving mother doing the hair of her teenage daughter - Family bonding
A village brother and sister playfully fighting with each other - family bonding
A caring village mother offering a warm glass of milk to her son and daughter - Beti Bachao Beti Padhao
An adorable small child with her mother - Indian village home
Indian village - Happy family in rural India. Gender equality - Beti Bachao Beti Padhao
Cheerful village couple posing for the camera along with their son and daughter - Happy Village Family
Adorable village child hugs her mother from behind while she cuts vegetables