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Lady's hand taking a slice of chicken sausage pizza - popular Italian recipe
Freshly baked tender juicy chicken pizza on a turntable - Italian food
Different shaped popsicles made with juicy watermelon and ice cream sticks
Spreading strawberry jam with a butter knife on a slice of tasty brown bread - popular breakfast
A sack of dark green naturally made Gulal dropping on a wooden surface
Bright pink color Gulal dropping on a heap of organic powder dry Holi colors
Female hands keeping a plate of popular Indian sweets (Gujiya) with Holi colors
Pan shot of table set with a popular Indian meal Dal Makhani served with plain rice
Female's hand putting dried red chilies on top of a fresh bowl of Dal Makhani
Famous Indian meal of steamed rice and dal makhani served with salad and pickle
Popular Indian dishes Sooji Ka Halwa and Chana Masala kept together on a table
Preparation of popular Indian small black chickpea spicy fry in a home kitchen
Closeup of popular Indian snack bread pakora served during breakfast or tea
Woman's hand dipping stuffed bread in besan batter to make fresh bread pakora
Closeup shot of a popular Indian snack bread pakora deep-frying in hot oil
Top view shot of woman hand adding bread pakora in hot oil for deep frying
Frying of stuffed bread pieces coated with a layer of Besan
Indian cook's hand dropping a delicious bread Pakora in boiling hot oil
Deep frying of Indian style fritters or bread pakora - popular street food
Closeup shot of a worker's hands heating the lac to make beautiful lac bangles
Popular traditional South Indian platter served over a banana leaf on a wooden table
Woman hands serving a bowl of potato masala with South Indian cuisine Dosa
Top view shot of popular South Indian platter rotating on a wooden platform
Closeup shot of beautifully plated South Indian food Sambhar Vada and Uttapam
Closeup shot of woman hands eating popular South Indian dosa with sambhar
Tilt shot of beautifully plated vegetable Upma garnished with fried red chilies
Closeup of popular South Indian breakfast Upma rotating in a ceramic white plate
Woman hands serving popular South Indian cuisine Vada on a fresh banana leaf