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June 20, Delhi, India - Indian husband in the surgical mask in kitchen - slicing a cucumber, Covid-19, indoor pollution, kitchen pollution, allergic to smell
June 20, Delhi, India - A young guy in a surgical mask cooking in the kitchen - Allergic to smell and house smoke, Indoor pollution, house pollution, kitchen pollution
A modern Indian couple playing a board game at home - playing chess, indoor game, young couple
Hands of a young woman placing a designer case of traditional Indian tilak indoor - Wedding Rituals
A bearded young man and his adorable daughter playing chess - board game, fun activity, parenting, indoor game
A cheerful Indian couple and their cute daughter playing carrom together - a carrom board, indoor sport
Cheerful Indian brother-sister playing card games - a pack of cards, leisure time, fun time, bonding
Grandfather, father, and a young grandson playing chess together - a board game, kids development, Indian family bonding
Tilt view of beautiful and colorful decorative green plants in a nursery
A young man putting colorful stones / pebbles in a glass container in a nursery
A beautiful green bamboo shoot / plant decorated with pebbles in a container
Tilt view of beautiful green succulent plants in a black pot with dry soil
Pan shot of green-colored zebra plant growing in a nursery - indoor farming
Pan shot beautiful green succulent plants growing inside a nursery - indoor farming
A handsome guy in a black T-shirt and jeans chatting on his smartphone
Cheerful grandma and her school-age granddaughter playing cats cradle at home
Pretty Indian girl playing indoor games with her mother and grandmother - Quarantine life
An attractive Indian lady with dumbles exercising indoors -Indoor gym
College-going Indian male wiping sweat droplets with a towel after his gym exercise
A happy Indian couple with their little kids at home - happy parenting, a nuclear family, family bonding, happy family
A caring Indian mother offers a glass of juice to her daughter while she is studying - mother-daughter bonding, a refreshing drink
Rainwater drops falling from the green leaves of a succulent plant - natural, nature, environment
A smiling young girl with long black hair using mobile phone - Chatting
Village scene of a cute little girl doing her school homework - left-hand writing, left-handed
Indian village couple happily saving money in a money bank - financial planning, saving for girl marriage, future plans
Happy Indian village family saving money - piggy bank, financial security, financial planning
Indian village parents happily embracing their cute daughter - parenting, nuclear family in Indian village, village parents
Beautiful Indian woman knitting woolen clothes at home - village home in India, hobby, side hustle for housewife