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Hands of a young woman placing a designer case of traditional Indian tilak indoor - Wedding Rituals
A handsome guy in a black T-shirt and jeans chatting on his smartphone
Cheerful grandma and her school-age granddaughter playing cats cradle at home
Pretty Indian girl playing indoor games with her mother and grandmother - Quarantine life
An attractive Indian lady with dumbles exercising indoors -Indoor gym
College-going Indian male wiping sweat droplets with a towel after his gym exercise
Ripe juicy pineapple cutting on its way with a knife and slices kept on a table
A lady is eating an Indian traditional sweet / Laddu on Raksha Bandhan festival
Woman's hand lighting an oil lamp / Diya on Raksha Bandhan festival at home - Rakhi, Hindu Festival
An Indian woman lighting a beautiful Diya on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan - Rakhi, Hindu Festival
Indian woman's hand tasting / picking crunchy homemade Golgappa - tasty snacks - Street food India
Aromatic Masala Chai pouring from a stainless steel kettle in the morning - Indian chai
Female's hand keeping a half-eaten ripe plum with the other fruits in the basket - Indian summer fruit
Fresh plum drink decorated with a slice of lemon and an ice cube pouring in a glass - Indian summer fruit
Woman's hands taking a piece of juicy papaya with a fork from a ceramic plate
Female hands grinding the orange papaya in a mortar pestle to make a recipe
Whole green apples and yellow unpeeled oranges dropping in transparent water
A bunch of a few oranges and lemons dropping in clear freshwater - healthy fruits
Ripe green apples falling down into clear water with splashes against a white background
Green chroma shoot - Human hands drawing a smiley while standing against a green screen
Fingers of a youngsters hand tapping against the green screen - hand gestures
A beautiful sister in traditional clothes posing with her brother for the camera - Raksha Bandhan Indian Festival
Cheerful young siblings eating sweets celebrating the festival of Rakhi at home - Raksha Bandhan Indian Festival
A beautiful sister offering sweets to her sweet little brother on the festival of Rakhi
Pretty sister tying Rakhi on her brother's wrist as a symbol of love, care, and respect
Cute sister celebrating Rakshabandhan with her sweet little brother - festive season
Fresh and uncooked sweet corns / Bhutta cut into halves rotating on a turntable
Female hand keeping a glass of fresh Litchi juice with a bunch of Lychees