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Pan shot of Christmas tree decorations in a dark room in India - Christmas celebration
Bokeh shot of beautifully decorated darkroom for Christmas celebrations in India
Closeup shot of decorated home interior with Christmas tree - bokeh effect, festival celebration
Hands of an Indian female decorating her home with Christmas ornaments - festive scene
Pan shot of a decorated Christmas table prepared for Christmas celebrations
Hands of an Indian female decorating her home with Christmas ornaments - festive scene
Beautiful burning candles with a decorated Christmas tree in the background
Bokeh shot of perfumed candles rotating on a turntable - festive Christmas background
Pan shot of scented candles with wrapped gift boxes with the bokeh effect - Christmas Eve
Bokeh shot of burning candles rotating on a decorated turntable against a festive background
An attractive tree decorated with candy canes and jingles bells for Christmas celebrations
Tilt shot of a decorated platform with colorful Christmas items - festive scene
Pretty Indian mom and daughter spending quality time on Christmas Eve in India
Cute Indian boy decorating a Christmas tree at home on a calm winter evening
Happy little girl hanging colorful balls and other beautiful items on a Christmas tree - festive scene
Tilt shot of a beautiful woman decorating a tree for Christmas celebrations in India
Happy Indian female hanging colorful balls on Christmas tree in casual clothing
Pretty young girl using her mobile phone while doing Christmas preparations at home
Beautiful young woman busy greeting her friends on a call on Christmas Eve
Pretty Indian girl clicking selfies with a small toy snowman during Christmas season
Beautiful young woman having fun while clicking pictures on Christmas Eve - winter season
Happy Indian woman in winter wear excitedly opening her Christmas present
Pretty Indian girl happily greeting her friends 'Merry Christmas' on a video call
Indian mother and daughter reading storybook together in the tent on Christmas holiday
Happy Indian mother reading a storybook to his little son at night - Christmas fun
Beautiful Indian mother and son enjoying a perfect fun day during Christmas season
A cute little boy listening to bedtime stories from his dad on Christmas Eve
Young happy children coloring together while lying in their tent during Christmas season