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Caring Indian husband touching his wife's forehead to check her body temperature
Time-lapse shot of melting a butterscotch flavor ice cream cone with caramel
Time-lapse shot of a standing toxic cigarette burning out against a dark background
Indian woman exhaling smoke from her mouth while smoking a cigarette
Closeup shot - An Indian female lighting up a toxic cigarette and smoking
Side view - Addicted young female puffing a toxic cigarette and exhaling smoke
Closeup shot - Indian girl smoking a cigarette against a black background
Newly Married Indian husband surprises wife with a necklace as a gift - Festival concept
A beautiful newly married Indian couple celebrating Diwali and offering besan ladoo
A Young Indian man in ethnic attire offering a wrapped Diwali gift
Happy lady with long black hair doing her studies sitting on a sofa
Young housewife alone in her house clicking a selfie on her smartphone
Charming young woman smiling and posing for a selfie sitting on a couch
Hand of an Indian woman serving delicious Upwas food prepared for Navratri
Indian woman's hand placing a bowl of freshly made jeera aloo on a blue platform
Hands of an Indian woman placing a thali of traditional Upwas/fasting food
Zoom in shot of beautifully plated Navratri food platter placed on a blue surface
Slow-motion shot of an Indian woman's hand eating delicious Upwas/fasting food
Closeup shot of beautifully plated Navratri thali/platter rotating on a turntable
Hand of an Indian woman placing a bowl of Chaulai Laddu in Navratri food platter
Young Indian man chatting on phone wearing traditional kurta - festival concept
Attractive man in traditional Indian wear smiling and texting on a smartphone - Festive decor
A handsome Indian man in a kurta takes selfies from different angles
Good looking Indian female in saree holding an oil lamp celebrating her first Diwali
Newly married Indian woman checking her phone holding a plate of oil lamps - Diwali decoration
Pan shot of a beautifully decorated platform with Hindu idol Goddess Durga
Bengali woman's hand placing a burning oil lamp in front of Ma Durga's idol
Bengali woman preparing for Puja ceremony on the occasion of Durga Puja in India