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Using a calculator to calculate medical expenses - medical insurance, medical loan, high hospital bill
A female keeping a bundle of Indian banknotes on a blank home loan application - Indian currency, bank loan application, saving for home
A lady placing a gift with a blue ribbon next to artificial flowers
A lady putting a golden 10 Rupee coin in a golden piggybank - future investment, financial planning, kids saving
A cheerful old gentleman and his adult daughter spend quality time - in casual conversation - bonding and care
A middle-aged Indian woman in a Saree pouring water into a Tulsi plant - Indian ritual, holy plant
An old man is practicing Vajrasana pose on a mat - healthy lifestyle, personal fitness, health and care, unfit man, old age problems
Old couple in retired life - Laughing and spending quality time at their outdoor lawn
A loving Indian mother with her adult daughter - love and affection, mother-daughter bonding, Single Indian mother
Young daughter and mother doing payment via debit card - online shopping, online websites, e-commerce
Crispy crunchy French fries falling on a plate with a burger - fast food, American cuisine
A slice of bun with sesame seeds falling - a vegetarian burger
A couple of red plum fruit rolling down a wooden chopping board on a jute mat - a healthy fruit
An aged woman and her granddaughter watching television together while knitting clothes - hobby
A young girl with her aged father - talking to her father, father-daughter bonding, love and care
A retired Indian couple having tea / coffee sitting with their daughter - happy Indian family
Golden yellow crispy and crunchy cornflakes falling into the milk - healthy eating, rich in fiber
Cornflakes in a white ceramic bowl with fruits - banana slices, healthy eating, dieting, fat loss
Close shot of cornflakes falling in a pile - morning cereals, morning breakfast
Closeup shot of an Indian female swiping on her chroma-key display while in the office
A young woman scrolling through the picture gallery on her new mobile in the office - office leisure time
Closeup shot of Female hands typing on the laptop keyboard - office work
Collection of Indian spices in wooden containers - common Indian spices, Indian herbs
Finely grounded ginger powder kept in a heap on a wooden spatula - Indian species, healthy herb, home remedy for cough and cold
A closeup shot of a woman counting 500 Indian rupee banknotes - Indian currency, banking and finance
Will You Marry Me Marriage Proposal- decorated with flowers, word formation
Colorful gift box on the occasion of Women's Day - celebration time
A bundle of Indian currency notes kept with medicines - expensive medical treatment