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Handsome man in shirt dressing up and adjusting the tie on the neck at home. Is going to work
Young Indian businessman putting on a red tie. Getting ready for work
Handsome Indian man getting dressed up for party looking in the mirror
Sad thoughtful man sitting on a rocking wooden chair in formal clothes looking upward - Stressed and Alone
Close-up shot of a sleepy man finding snoozing alarm clock to turn off
Close-up shot of a sleepy man with blindfold searching mobile to turn off alarm
Smart Indian young man sleeping with a blindfold, wake up and turn off the alarm on mobile phone
Handsome male wake up from sleep checks his mobile phone early morning - technology concept
Extreme close up shot of man waking up from sleep in the bed, early morning - daily routine
Young Indian man waking up early morning from the bed, yawning and stretching the body
Close-up shot of a young man sitting while having tea and watching TV in the living room
Young Indian man brushing his teeth early morning with a toothbrush, daily routine
Close-up shot of a young handsome man standing in washroom and gliding razor on the face
Close-up shot of a boy with shaving cream on face and using a razor - routine hygiene concept
Closeup of henna mehndi on woman hands plating a tray with fresh sweets and fruits
Closeup of mehndi on woman hands placing a gift box on a decorated platform - Indian Home
Closeup of mehndi on woman hands grabbing sweets during the wedding ceremony
Side view shot of henna mehndi/tattoo on woman hands holding a wedding Kalash. Indian Pooja
Zoom in shot of henna mehndi/tattoo on woman hands holding a sindoor box
Top view shot - Newly married Indian female with traditional Indian tilak sindoor
Haldi ceremony - Closeup shot of woman hands placing a bowl of Haldi powder
Closeup of woman hands placing bunches of Durva grass on a decorated platform
Pan shot of beautifully placed Haldi ceremony items placed on a wooden table
Zoom out shot of a decorated table for the joyful Holi festival celebrated in India
Pan shot of a beautifully decorated festive table for Holi festival celebrated in India
Young girl showing a stop abusing sign during Holi celebration - women abuse concept
Pan shot of a cute Indian guy is really excited to celebrate the joyful Holi festival
Tilt shot of colorful festive items to celebrate the festival of colors Holi in India