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Long shot of an aged woman talking on the phone while she relaxes in the field
A medium shot of an old lady talking on a mobile amidst green farmlands
A medium shot of an aged woman of a village reading a holy book near a farmland
An aged woman of a village reading a religious text while sitting near a farmland
An elderly lady of a village using wooden beads and a holy book to chant God's name
An aged woman of a village worshipping God by reading a religious book
An old Indian woman sitting on a woven cot reading a religious book near a farmland
A long shot of an old Indian woman walking in a green agricultural field
Mid shot of an old lady of a village - feeding green leaves to her buffalo
A little village boy near green farmland, happily hugging his grandmother
Cute young children happily playing with puppies while sitting on a charpai
Young grandsons happily reading a book with their grandmother during daytime
Aged Indian granny happily reading a book with her grandsons - village scene
Panoramic view of an Indian village with a bright orange sky before sunset
Pan shot of magnificent farmland in Delhi/NCR - agriculture concept in the village
Beautiful landscape view of green farmland with morning sun and big trees
Beautiful landscape view of an agricultural field and orange sky during sunset
Long shot of a beautiful rural area with field, crops, trees, and morning sky
Time-lapse shot of Indian pedestrians on the roads of the famous pink city Jaipur
Pan shot of the beautiful city palace situated in pink city Jaipur - tourism concept
Long shot - The streets of Naqqar Darwaza gate in Jaipur during the day time
Closeup shot of the famous drum gate at Jaleb Chowk in the pink city Jaipur
Shot of Indian pedestrians on the roads of the pink city Jaipur during day time
Flexible Indian girl doing Urdhva Dhanurasana (wheel pose) on a fitness mat
A medium shot of a cute little girl doing Raja Bhujanagasana on a fitness mat
Closeup of tropical riped coconut rotating on a turntable in a clockwise direction
Closeup shot of a brown hairy coconut wearing cool sunglasses - healthy fruit
A hairy brown coconut spinning against the grey background - loopable fruit