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Indian Stock Video Footage At Knot9

Village female farmer touching and smelling her fully grown mustard flowers
Young North Indian farmer smoking Bidi or Beedi in his green agricultural farm
Young Indian housewife in village smelling sarso or mustard flowers
Handsome farmer and his wife in traditional dresses standing in their mustard or sarso field
Beautiful Indian village couple happily talking and looking at their wheat crops
Village scene - Indian farmer in wheat crop fields with his wife. Harvest Time
Indian craftsman painting Ma Sarswati's statue for Saraswati Puja
Beautiful Indian woman getting ready in traditional clothes - Festival look
Smiling young girl getting ready in a traditional dress - Indian look
Beautiful Indian businesswoman with a congrats sign to celebrate her success
An Indian farmer and his happy village family - Education and Hardwork
A village lady fills water for daily work while her husband helps daughter in studies
An Indian farmer is happy to show the agricultural land to his young daughter
An Indian farmer is happy to show the agricultural land to his young housewife
A father-daughter duo enjoying their simple happy life roaming in their farmland
A closeup shot of a cheerful village child standing near a field - Happy Childhood
A close-up shot of a sad Indian village woman standing near a green farmland
An upset small village girl stares out towards a field - the loneliness of a child concept
A woman from a wealthy village family holding Indian currency notes - profits from farming
Indian village woman dressed in saree counting Indian currency notes from her savings
An Indian girl standing in a field breathing the fresh air and enjoying the rural life
A loving Indian mother spending time with her daughter in the village
A mother and daughter from an Indian village - girl's education
Young attractive farmer happily standing in his field while folding his hands
An Indian farmer in a village putting harmful pesticides in his wheat field
A young girl sitting on a wooden chaarpai and writing on black slate
A young happy farmer with a shovel (phawra) in his village farm
A happy Indian farmer talking on mobile while walking through his green farm