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Indian Stock Video Footage At Knot9

Happy Indian housewife braiding child's hair - mother-daughter bonding
Village lady applying Mehendi on child's hand - mother-daughter bonding
Small daughter of a villager applying Mehendi/Henna on her mother's hand
A confident modern farmer making a call while standing in his agricultural field
Middle-aged Indian farmer giving his hard-earned income to his beautiful wife
North Indian farmer and his wife counting their last month's hard-earned money
Backview shot of an Indian woman in wheat crop field - Farmland in village
Village Scene - Indian village couple smiling while standing in their green fields
Medium shot - Indian village woman making her little daughter sleep on her lap
Pan shot of an Indian farmer and his wife happily looking at their growing pcrops
Village scene of a beautiful Indian woman putting her little daughter to a peaceful sleep
Indian mother feeding her little naughty daughter while sitting on a cot/charpai
Loving and caring village parents feeding their daughter while sitting on a charpai
Happy village couple having food together during a break from agricultural work
Indian village happy couple enjoying a bicycle ride near the agricultural fields
Cute little girl happily playing with her father on a tree swing during leisure time
Indian farmer happily going to drop his little daughter to school on a bicycle
Indian village parents going to drop their little daughter to school on a bicycle
Backview of an Indian father going to drop his daughter to school on a bicycle
Married village couple enjoying a bicycle ride together in their agricultural land
Well-dressed village school girl smiling while standing in her agricultural field
Portrait of a little village girl happily showing a bunch of beautiful yellow flowers
Cute Indian kid/child happily blowing soap bubbles in a mustard/Sarso field
Young village girl proudly swinging the Indian flag while standing in a mustard farm
Beautiful village woman smiling and posing in front of a mustard/Sarso field
Married Indian woman talking on mobile while holding a bunch of mustard flowers
Indian village family standing against the Sarso field with a dream house model
Portrait of a confident smiling farmer standing with a stick in his mustard field