Stock videos index Indian Stock Video Footage At Knot9

A little village boy sitting with his old grandmother while she worships God
A little village boy near green farmland, happily hugging his grandmother
A little village making his Indian street dog exercise in a cycling posture
Portrait of a young Punjabi Sardar fixes his blue turban while wearing casual clothes
Portrait of a confident Sikh gentleman tying his turban and giving final touches to it
Portrait of a Sikh man fixing turban properly to groom himself before going out
Portrait of an Indian Sardar confidently looking into the mirror while wearing his turban
Close up shot of a diesel water pump helping Indian villagers to irrigate fields
An Indian village scene with a boy sitting on a cot holding a puppy in his hand
Medium shot of an elderly grandmother from an Indian village smoking hookah
Aged Indian grandmother smoking hookah while sitting on chaarpai in a rural background
Cute young children happily playing with puppies while sitting on a charpai
Old Indian grandmother happily talking to her relatives using her smartphone
Aged Indian granny happily reading a book with her grandsons - village scene
Village scene of freshwater going into the agricultural fields - irrigation concept
Panoramic view of an Indian village with a bright orange sky before sunset
Pan shot of water coming out of a tube well and flowing in the agricultural fields
Pan shot of magnificent farmland in Delhi/NCR - agriculture concept in the village
Beautiful landscape view of green farmland with morning sun and big trees
Fresh and pure water coming out of an agricultural tube well for irrigation
Beautiful landscape view of an agricultural field and orange sky during sunset
Long shot of a beautiful rural area with field, crops, trees, and morning sky
Happy Indian farmer and his small family playing with freshwater near a tubewell
Educated Indian farmer learning new things on a laptop - technology concept
Handsome Indian villager doing card payment via laptop - online shopping concept
Village couple and their daughter enjoying together on a beautiful summer day
Portrait shot of a happy Sikh man twisting his mustache and folding his hands
Portrait of a Sikh Indian gentleman wearing cloth belt having small religious weapon