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Finance Indian Stock Video Footage At Knot9

A beautiful village woman counting the money - Independent woman
A progressive farmer and his beautiful wife - Offering money from farm sales
Indian woman in woolens doing online shopping - Working from home in winters
Middle-aged Indian housewife counting her last month's savings and noting it
Middle-aged man with grey hair and mustache doing monthly accounting work
Middle-aged couple calculating their unpaid bills/dues together at home
Attractive Indian housewife helping her husband to put debit/credit card details - Online Purchase
Attractive housewife helping her husband to put credit / debit card details for online shipping
Worried retired couple doing paperwork and discussing their unpaid bills / taxes
A villager in kurta-pajama counting five hundred rupees Indian currency / banknotes
Middle-aged villager happily showing banknotes and ATM card - savings concept
Portrait of Indian farmer putting bank card details in his mobile - modern technology
Happy Indian farmer busy chatting on his smartphone while sitting at home, Holding Indian banknotes
A confident Indian farmer in his early forties with money showing thumbs-up sign
Bearded village man happily counting the banknotes and keeping them in pocket
Indian village couple - Using the internet and doing online shopping
A young village daughter helping her mother in online shopping - Entering credit / debit card details
Modern Indian woman putting her card details while doing online shopping
Indian villager taking a phone call about receiving money - financial concept
Middle-aged farmer counting his hard-earned money while sitting on the floor
Happy village housewife counting her earnings - home finance concept
Young working woman talking on her smartphone while working in the office
Pretty Indian girl watering the notes in plant pot - Saving money for future, Investment
An aspiring doctor with a stethoscope happily showing her first stipend
Ambitious working lady saving her money to buy a dream house for herself
Portrait of a cheerful smiling girl with money and a model of her dream car
Young Indian girl proudly showing her last month's salary - financial planning
Portrait of a smart young girl wearing casuals holding a bank credit/debit card