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Finance Indian Stock Video Footage At Knot9

Tax Money - A notification or a reminder to file tax returns - business and finance concept
Woman hands moving magnifying glass left to right over the words "Tax Time"
Closeup shot of woman hands with a magnifying glass over the words "pay tax"
Pan shot of the word "Debt" written with colorful plastic letters on a blue platform
Closeup shot of woman hands moving a magnifying glass over the word "Debt"
Closeup shot of the word "Loan" composed with colorful letters - microfinance concept
Pan shot of "House Loan" words composed with colorful letters - finance concept
Closeup shot of the word "Stocks" on a blue platform - business and finance concept
Racking focus shot of colorful words "Tax Time" against the blue background
Cute Indian boy happily making a stack of ten-rupee coins - learning the money-saving concept
Indian girl making a stack of 10 rupee coins - kids financial concept
Pretty Indian girl making stacks from coins - kids economy, saving money
Little girl sitting at the table and counting coins - kids economy, financial saving
Happy Indian woman calculating her last month's savings - future investment. Village life
Indian corporate business meeting. Startup team sharing ideas and brainstorming
Young bank employee congratulating innocent Indian villager on his loan approval
Bank agent helping Indian villagers to open new bank accounts - easy way to protect the money
Happy Indian man received money and a letter of appreciation - financial concept. Rural home
Attractive Indian villager taking a phone-call about receiving money - financial concept
Happy Indian farmer calculating his last month's savings - future investment. Rural village life
Indian villager happily counting his monthly earnings - financial concept, village home
Young business people sitting at the table and discussing sales charts and graphs at the end of the working day
Indian girl inserting coins into a clay money bank (Gulak) - savings concept
Smiling little Indian child girl collecting coins, money in a clear glass jar in study room - saving concept
Close-up of young corporate executive filling Home Loan Application form on a paper sheet
Close-up of man studying amount due for home loan payment due to bank
Worried Indian man counting money: Indian currency Rs 2000 notes - Making notes, calculating bills
Young Indian man holding Indian currency Rs 2000 notes - Doing monthly budget expenditure calculations