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Finance Indian Stock Video Footage At Knot9

Happy village housewife counting her earnings - home finance concept
Young working woman talking on her smartphone while working in the office
Pretty Indian girl watering the notes in plant pot - Saving money for future, Investment
An aspiring doctor with a stethoscope happily showing her first stipend
Ambitious working lady saving her money to buy a dream house for herself
Portrait of a cheerful smiling girl with money and a model of her dream car
Young Indian girl proudly showing her last month's salary - financial planning
Portrait of a smart young girl wearing casuals holding a bank credit/debit card
Confident Indian girl happy after doing shopping with her debit/credit card
Young Indian office employee with a car model - future aspirations
Young woman sitting happily in her office holding keys to her dream house
Smart Indian woman happily checking her saved money kept in a glass jar
A modern girl with a model of house and car thinking about her future plans
Young Indian accountant checking her company cash balance
Tall and beautiful Indian woman saving money for future kids education
Smiling working woman talking on her smartphone while working in office
Young woman employee happily keeping five hundred rupee note in a glass jar
Attractive Indian working woman counting Indian currency notes and tensed
Indian woman employee sitting and doing accounts work - office finance department
Indian farmer counting his last month's hard-earned income - financial concept
The middle-aged Indian farmer is smiling while showing his monthly income
Closeup of woman hands saving money in a container with "Education Loan" label
Woman hands placing a jar with "Education Loan" label on a wooden platform
Tax Time - Tilt shot of a notification or a reminder to file tax returns in India
Zoom in shot of colorful 'Tax Time' words beautifully arranged on a blue platform
Top view shot of "Tax Time" words beautifully arranged on the blue platform
Tilt shot of the word "Stocks" composed with colorful letters on a blue platform
Zoom in shot of a sand clock and "Tax Time" words composed with plastic letters