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Finance Indian Stock Video Footage At Knot9

Shot of a man taking out Indian currency from envelope, counting and keeping it back in the envelope
Bank manager / cashier counts and checks the Indian currency - Rupee 500 notes
Businesswomen / female boss / Accountant evaluates profit and loss of the company
Shot of businesswomen checking the financial statement with a red coloured pen
A businessman counts Indian money - Rupee 500 currency notes on a wooden table
Closeup shot of a chartered accountant checking company balance sheet
Bank manager counting Rs 200 Indian currency and keeping on the table
Business man reading the legal contract before signing it
Closeup shot of Rupee 500 Indian currency notes falling on the table
Bank cashier counting Rupee 500 Indian currency notes before handing it over to the customer
Company accountant counting 200 rupee Indian currency notes in his office
Closeup shot of a business woman / man signing a contract / legal agreement / paper
Businessman checking the balance sheet of his company
Top angle shot of a business women checking profit and loss statement / income report
An accountant counts Rupee 500 Indian currency notes and note it down
Neatly arranged Indian currency Rupee ten notes rotating on the table
Shot of a banker / bank cashier counting Indian currency Rupee ten notes
Shot of a business man / woman signing the documents / business proposal / legal contract
Shot of 500 rupees Indian currency falling on the table
A closeup shot of an accountant verifying the balance sheet of company
A boy takes out money from his wallet and hands it over to another person
Slow motion view of indian currency
A banker counting Indian currency notes and making entry in his computer
Closeup shot of an accountant counting 10 rupees Indian currency
A finance company employee counts Indian currency Rupee 200 notes
Shot of man accepting Indian currency, counting it and keeping them in his wallet
Indian Currency of Rupee 10 notes falling on a table
Closeup shot of Indian Currency - Rupee 200 revolving on a table