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An Indian farmer happily dropping his little daughter to school on a bicycle - Girl-child education, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao
A handsome bearded farmer helping his little son with his homework - school assignment, village education
An educated Indian villager helping his daughter with her homework - girl-child education, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao
Two adorable siblings studying together on a Chaarpai - exam preparations, village home scene, village education
A young charming college student wearing eyeglasses reading an interesting book - leisure time, literature, a favorite pastime
A beautiful female making notes while preparing for an examination - college student, project, research
Beautiful teenage girls / college students reading books together at home - literature, hobby, favorite pastime
Karnataka, Coorg, India - April/2020 - View of a small bridge over river
A young schoolgirl of an Indian village studying alone under an electric bulb - Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, girl education, girl portrait
An Indian young man reading a book while resting on the sofa in the living room
A reluctant and tired schoolchild in casual clothes resting on the desk with a book
A tuition teacher helping a sweet village school girl to complete her homework -tuition center, village home
A young school-age child / kid sincerely studying for her exams - girl's education, beti bachao beti padao, future generation
An attractive female farmer in a traditional Sari learning to write - Shiksha, Beti padao beti bachao, education
A middle-aged Indian laborer in a Kurta-Pajama helping his wife while studying - beti padhao beti bachao, female literacy
An adorable school-aged kid doing his homework at home
A rural housewife of an Indian village helping her cute son with his homework
Young Muslim siblings reading a book together with their mother - Small Muslim family in India
A young woman in a headscarf and her cute daughter reading a holy book
Cute Muslim siblings reading the Quran together at home - Holy book of Islam
An adorable boy and his grandfather reading a book together in the park
A studious young boy wearing eyeglasses reading a book - good learning
A smart young boy in casual clothes putting money into a piggybank for future needs
An intelligent boy reading a book in his leisure time while sitting in a classroom
A young lady and her little daughter from a village reading a book together
A married rural Indian woman learning to write - Shiksha, Girl Education, Literacy in Rural India
A sweet little boy with long hair doing his holiday homework at home
A sweet Indian kid reading a book with his father - bonding