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Small village daughter happily studying with her mother - girl child's education
Indian village daughter happy with money saved in a piggybank for education
Cheerful village girl dreaming about her future plans of becoming a pilot
Mother scolding daughter while helping her in studies - education concept
Cheerful village housewife studying at home - adult education concept
Young village housewife supporting Shiksha for all - education concept
Confident Indian woman fluently reading a book sitting inside her kitchen
Village housewife lighting a lantern while her husband and daughter studying - Nuclear village family
Villager helping his little daughter in her studies - girl child education
Young Indian couple working together and discussing their project plan
Portrait of an Indian girl in a school uniform holding a piggy bank with books
Indian female with poor eyesight wearing spectacles/eyeglass while reading
A young village farmer taking his girl child to school. Beti bachao beti padhao
Young girl busy in her studies while sitting on a sofa in her living room
Smiling young student getting ready for her college - lifestyle and education
Modern Indian father on a laptop helping his little daughter in studies
Indian father checking his school-age daughter's homework in a notebook
Indian woman's hand keeping a pair of eyeglasses on a stack of colorful books
Tilt shot - Teacher's table with a globe, books, college degree, and a money bank
Hand of an Indian teacher keeping a pair of eyeglasses on her wooden desk
Closeup shot of a woman's hand picking up eyeglasses from a wooden table
Closeup shot of a student's desk with study materials and a college degree
Closeup shot - Woman's hand adding money in a jar with "Education loan" label
Indian woman's hand keeping her monthly salary on a stack of colorful books
Indian woman's hand donating money in a glass jar with "educational loan" label
A woman's hand keeping a jar full of money donated for the education of needy
Closeup shot of a teacher's desk with learning materials and the word education
Teacher welcoming her students by writing a note "Back To School" on a slate