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An Indian village girl studying hard while sitting on charpai - girl education, woman empowerment, future goals
An Indian young village schoolgirl studying and writing in textbook - girl education, Beti bachao beti padhao, hardworking girl
An Indian village mother teaching her daughter - girl education, beti bachao beti padhao, woman empowerment
Grey-haired Indian teacher teaching school kids how to draw on blackboard - drawing class, government school
Young age Indian teacher taking english class in village school - government school, teaching noun, blackboard teaching
Female Indian teacher teaching basic multiplication to students - maths, mathematics class, blackboard teaching
Young female Indian teacher teaching basic mathematics in class - maths, maths class, blackboard teaching
Indian teacher taking mathematics class of government school students - maths, blackboard teaching, green board
Grey-haired Indian mother giving blessings to her daughter for becoming a doctor - rural lifestyle, proud mother
Beautiful young Indian girl studying - mother making sweater through crocheting, sincere girl, college going, village home, sitting on floor
Beautiful Indian female assistant professor - college student, school girl, young graduate, nari shakti, studious girl
A beautiful young Indian using laptop with her grandma - dadi: success, happiness, topper girl
Grey-haired father blessing his beautiful daughter for her new job at school - teacher, teaching, proud parent
Two government school Indian teachers dressed decently posing for the camera - professors, lecturer
Beautiful young Indian girl in traditional wear excited for her first day at college - topper, university topper
Voters standing in a queue showing their voter identification cards - general elections, state elections, India
A grey-haired, aged Indian lady shows her voter identification card before elections
Modern villagers discussing cultivation plans in a wheat field - agriculture, farming, farmers, checking farm subsidy
A young educated man with the farmer - learning use of technology, modern ways of agriculture, laptop, advanced farming, loan agent
A young educated male with an old farmer - modern agricultural practices, better quality of crops, insurance agent, agri consultant
An Indian girl opening an individually packed sanitary pad - periods, education, awareness, hygiene, menstrual cycle
Indian girl looking scared and sad - looking away, depression, mental health, social anxiety, exam pressure, running away from home
A teenage girl talking to her teacher / instructor on a video call using a laptop - distant education, e-learning
Relaxed Indian girl enjoying a book in park - literature, flipping page, mental stimulation, reading a book, book worm
Girl cutting week columns from the paper calendar sheet of January 2023 - school project, school work, work schedule, work planning
A serious Indian writing on a piece of paper - education concept, nighttime study, college assignment
A single mother and her school-aged daughter reading an interesting book together - storybook, literature, picnic
Beautiful Indian woman in traditional wear with a burning oil lamp - Diwali festival