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Tarkashi - Craftsman drawing designs with the compass on the wooden piece
Tarkashi - Worker drawing straight line on wood with a marking gauge
Tarkashi - A professional grinder grinding a wood piece on a machine
Tarkashi - Carpenter cuts a piece of wood with a band saw
Tarkashi - Skilled craftsman cutting wood into small pieces
A craftsman is assembling the wooden jewelry box with glue
Shot of beautiful handcrafted wooden stool with black background
Beautiful shiny wooden decoration piece kept with black background
Pan shot of beautiful design of the wooden trunk
An exquisite piece of art-work made on handmade wooden table
Calm and beautiful little girl coloring a sketch lying on the floor - Drawing competition amongst the kids
Kids coloring on a sheet of paper with crayons while sitting on the floor
Young Indian boy making colorful birds from craft paper - Origami art
Pretty Indian girl painting on a canvas with a brush
Workers making framework of Ma Durga Idol / murti with hay and bamboo sticks for Durga Puja
Young fashion designer drawing sketches for her new fashion range
A young girl drawing her dress sketches on paper for her next fashion collection
A skilled man designing utensils with the age-old art of crafting wares in India
Shot of a skilled Indian craftsman designing and shaping a metal utensil with the hammer
A labourer / worker sealing the joints of brass metal utensils in his workshop
Creative young Indian girl drawing her next designs for exhibition
Fashion designer drawing a sketch for his next dress design on a white paper
A talented woman artist painting watercolor paints
Young and talented girl pursuing her hobby of embroidery in her free time at home
A girl / female making embroidery design on a white cotton cloth piece
Girl making a beautiful embroidery design on a cloth piece
A woman putting a thread in the sewing machine needle
An Indian women / female doing embroidery with green thread