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Tailor moving the wheel of a vintage sewing machine to start it's functioning
Hands of an Indian female tailor working on a sewing machine - sewing process
Closeup shot of female worker's hands stitching on a manual sewing machine
Closeup of sewing machine's needle rapidly moves up and down while stitching
Hands of a female worker putting a yellow coloured textile to a sewing machine
Closeup of sewing machine's needle rapidly moves up and down while stitching
Closeup shot of a blurred tailor puts yellow fabric on a manual sewing machine
Hands of a worker using a professional sewing machine at a textile workshop
Blurred Indian woman stitching fabric using a yellow thread on a sewing machine
Closeup shot of a spool with thin yellow thread on a professional sewing machine
Closeup shot of an Indian shoemaker applying glue on the base of the slippers
Low angle shot of rotating colorful pinwheels for sale in the market of Kumbh Mela, India
Closeup shot of a mehndi (heena) artist applying mehndi on the hands of an Indian bride
Handsome young musician playing the guitar while sitting on a sofa in his living room
Young boy with long hair showing off his skills of martial arts in the park
Elderly woman knitting winter clothes with wool yarn - Indian home lifestyle
Group of an Indian women knitting winter clothes - Self Help Group
Stock video of a senior Indian woman knitting with wool yarn - Favorite hobby
Shot of two old Indian women sitting on the terrace and knitting pink and black colored woolen clothes-Winter Knitwear
Young innocent child doing his art homework very happily - creative little artist at work
Smiling Indian boy drawing and coloring a hut - art and crafts for kids
Pretty young girl enjoying her music rehearsal isolated over white background
Talented Indian boy picking the color pencil to draw a picture - Education in Childhood
Little Indian boy sitting in his study room and studying - Drawing a picture.Childhood
Cute little preschooler making drawing and coloring on study table posing isolated - study concept
Side close-up of Lord Ganesha's statue kept at home - Ganesh Chaturthi
Application of designer Mehndi to an Indian bride
Mehndi artist applying beautiful henna / mehndi of the hands of an Indian bride