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A married village woman sewing a cloth at home - Part time job, vocational training, NGO
A sweet girl child is stitching a piece of colorful fabric on an old sewing machine -Three generations of rural family in India
A beautiful Indian village woman making clothes on her old hand sewing machine - Employment in Rural India
A female holding beautiful handmade earrings in her hand
Closeup shot of a female making handmade earrings at home
Professional jewelry designer designing handmade earrings in her workshop
A young woman holding / checking a beautiful handmade earrings
A woman making handmade earrings using clay from home
A young woman covering a beautiful handmade jewelry box kept on the table
Professional jewelry designer putting a colorful thread around a bangle
Jewelry maker tying a colorful thread to keep the beads in a bangle intact
Colorful yellow bangles, Indian dress, and colorful threads kept together
A lady wearing red bangles while getting ready to go out
Fashionable jewelry collection displayed for sale on the counter of a jewelry store
Charming Indian woman wearing a white shawl knitting sweater sitting on the sofa
Indian village woman making clothes on her old hand sewing machine
Happy village mother showing a new designer frock for her little daughter
An old woman knitting sweater for her loved ones sitting near a farmland
Closeup shot of an old village woman's hand knitting a sweater for her loved ones
Medium shot of an aged woman making sweaters for winters sitting in a field
Medium shot of elderly woman knitting pullovers in her free time for the poor people
An elderly woman and young lady knitting woolen clothes outdoors - hobby concept
Hands of a worker cleaning traditional handmade lac bangles using a piece of cloth
Indian craftsman making beautiful handmade lac bangles in a traditional way
Craftsman rolling the heated lac with the help of wooden tool - Jaipuri Bangle
Top view shot of the process of making traditional handmade lac bangles in India
Closeup shot of an Indian worker's hands applying melted lac to a wooden tool
Closeup of the process of melting lac on burning charcoal to make lac bangles