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A girl / female making embroidery design on a white cotton cloth piece
Girl making a beautiful embroidery design on a cloth piece
A woman putting a thread in the sewing machine needle
An Indian women / female doing embroidery with green thread
Shot of an Indian women / female embroidering flower on a white cloth
Closeup shot of women / female doing embroidery stitch on a white cloth
A woman sews a button with a needle and black thread
Shot of a female putting a thread in the needle of the sewing machine
A traditional Indian women / female embroidering on a white cloth
An Indian women / female embroidering at home
Pan shot of white cloth with handmade colourful embroidery
A women / female putting the blue colour thread in a needle
Shot of women / female / girl embroidering with blue thread on fabric
Slow motion shot of women / female / girl is embroidering stem stitch on a white fabric
Closeup shot of Indian women/female/girl is embroidering cross stitch on the fabric
Shot of women/female/girl is embroidering cross stitch on the fabric
An Indian girl drawing on a sheet of paper with a black sketch pen
Close shot of girls hand cutting a sheet of cutting cardboard paper with knife
Drawing lines in different angles with a ruler and pencil on a cardboard
Close up shot of a boy cutting cardboard following pencil line for a craft activity
Man / boy applying glue on the piece of cardboard for a craft activity
Close up shots of a boy's hands folding origami from orange paper
Creative Man / boy making bird origami with an orange craft paper