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A retired old man-eating homemade delicious white bread sandwiches - tasty recipe, vegetarian cuisine
Indian family - Grandfather, grandson, and father clicking a selfie - picnic in a park, fun time
A handsome guy inflating / blowing air ballons - picnic in a farmhouse, three generations, parenting
Indian grandfather helping his young grandchild in painting - picnic, three generations, farmhouse
Indian parents - Grandfather, father, and a young grandchild enjoy drinking tender coconut water - a refreshing drink, a summer drink
Grandfather, father, and a young grandson playing chess together - a board game, kids development, Indian family bonding
An aged man and his handsome son having fun blowing soap bubbles together - a fun activity, a childhood game, bubble wands
A cheerful family of an Indian village playing and having fun in the open field - family bonding
An Indian villager counting hundred rupees banknotes while standing near a tubewell - monthly salary, agricultural profit, Indian currency
Young village couple in their green wheat fields in India - Using laptop sitting on a cot, modern villager
A handsome bearded farmer talking on his smartphone while relaxing on a Chaarpai - Green wheat field
An Indian farmer talking on a mobile while sitting in his green field - internet technology
A smiling young man watching a comedy movie while relaxing alone at home - leisure time
A handsome Indian boy watching an online video / movie - fun and entertainment, a modern lifestyle, binge-watching
A young college student using his mobile phone / smartphone - distant communication
A young Muslim man reading a holy book - an Islamic prayer in the morning, white skull cap
Muslim family in India - A small kid in ethnic wear offering Namaz during the festive season - Eid celebrations
Young Muslim couple in India - A handsome young man and his pretty wife offering Namaz - worship, religion
Muslig family in India - Cute little Indian schoolgirl worshipping the Allah - Islamic religion, faith, belief
A Muslim Indian family - Mother and daughter offering prayers to the Almighty, ritual, faith belief
A Muslim mother wearing a hijab reading holy book with her daughter - learning and education, following culture
A beautiful Muslim woman in traditional clothes reading the Quran at home - a holy book, ritual, culture
A cheerful Muslim family eating together during the festive season - the dinner table, Eid celebrations, family time
A Muslim man and his little kid in ethnic wear during the festive season - family bonding, leisure time, white skull cap, culture
A modern nuclear Muslim family having food together while sitting at the dining table - Eid, festive season
A happy Muslim family offering prayers before Eid - dining table, food, Eid feast, Eid celebrations
A beautiful Muslim housewife serving coffee to her loving husband - beverage, a Muslim family, a young nuclear family
The young nuclear family in India - Muslim family, Indian father with skull cap, Indian mother and kids, parenting