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Village home in India - Modern housewife in Indian village doing online shopping with credit card / debit card
A young beautiful village woman using her mobile to make a card payment - Digital India
Two ladies of a village dressed in traditional Saree using a laptop together
Rural brother and sister fighting with each other and mother is cooking at home - Indian village family
A little boy asking for help from his elder sister in studies - child education - Indian village
A village mother caring for her son while ignoring her daughter - Gender discrimination and inequality
An attractive village woman and her bearded husband looking at each other
Mother-daughter duo laughing and spending quality time - Indian village home
Attractive village lady in Saree cleaning rice in a traditional bamboo rice cleaner
Village woman helping her son to get ready for school - parent-child relationship and care
Village scene of an Indian mother happily teaching her little daughter at home
Village scene - Middle-aged husband-wife ordering things online using a laptop
Village scene of an Indian housewife cooking food for her family on a clay stove
Middle-aged village woman happily making dinner for her family on a Chulha
Village scene of Indian parents happily embracing their cute little daughter
Village scene - Middle-aged Indian housewife happily making food for her family
Village scene - Beautiful Indian housewife serving delicious food to her family
Medium shot of an Indian village family eating lunch/dinner together at home
Village scene of a beautiful Indian mother happily feeding her little daughter
Medium shot of a happy village family having lunch/dinner together at home
Village scene of a young school girl writing the Hindi word "Shiksha" on a slate
Medium shot - Indian village woman making her little daughter sleep on her lap
Village scene of a beautiful Indian woman putting her little daughter to a peaceful sleep
Loving and caring village parents feeding their daughter while sitting on a charpai
Happy village couple having food together during a break from agricultural work
Indian village happy couple enjoying a bicycle ride near the agricultural fields
Married village couple enjoying a bicycle ride together in their agricultural land
Portrait of a little village girl happily showing a bunch of beautiful yellow flowers