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A middle-aged villager with mobile phone at home - beautiful wife, village life, sitting on the floor, unemployed man
A middle-aged village couple chatting and posing for the camera - single room house, rental home, happy couple
A lower middle class Indian couple chatting and having tea together - rural household, poor family
Indian family is sitting and sipping tea - village family, happy family, lower middle class family, family bonding
An Indian woman in her late forties and her school-aged daughter chatting together - a village home
Portrait of a cute girl happily holding a burning Diya - Diwali festival, Indian rituals, greeting
Caring and affectionate Indian mother hugging her teenage daughter near village field - family bonding, quality time, mother-daughter bonding
A village farmer taking his daughter to school - Beti bachao beti padhao, girl child education, government school child
A middle-aged villager helping his daughter in her studies - Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, girl child education
Indian mid aged village man braiding her teen daughter's hair with a ribbon - father-daughter bonding, village home
Mid-Aged Indian housewife braiding her daughter's hair while her husband works in the field - Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, village home, mother-daughter bonding, Indian family concept
Caring Indian mother feeding her teenage daughter while sitting on the terrace of their village home - rural lifestyle
A middle-aged farmer feeding his beautiful wife - Indian village scene, relationship and bonding, romantic village couple
Shot of an Indian girl wearing ethnic clothes studying for her exams - girl's education, beti bachao beti padao
A rural Indian girl with braided hair sitting alone in the field and studying for her exam - education and literacy, Indian village, girl education, beti bachao, beti padao
A teenage village girl walks through the wheat field with books in her hand - Girl education, beti bachao beti padhao
A pretty Indian girl with braided hair holding the Indian tricolour flag - Republic or Independence Day, National holiday
Shot of a married Indian lady standing on her agricultural farm while wearing a traditional printed saree
A rural couple in traditional wear cheerfully posing for the camera standing on their green farm outdoors
An Indian farmer with a spade in his wheat field - shovel (phawra) on shoulders, village farm, village lifestyle
A happy mid-aged Indian couple in their wheat fields - Indian agriculture, village life, village lifestyle, Indian agriculture
Portrait of a confident, smiling farmer standing with a stick in his field - village lifestyle
A farmer with moustache talking on his mobile - green farmland, holding a shovel, village lifestyle, modern farmer
An Indian villager putting insecticide/pesticide in the wheat field- harmful chemical, toxic chemical in agriculture, traditional agricultural practises
Indian lady talking on a phone while sitting on a charpai - leisure time, happy woman
A happy Indian farmer talks on his smartphone while taking out hard-earned money from his pocket, a financial concept
An Indian farmer counting Indian currency banknotes - agricultural profit, future investment, agriculture income, wealthy farmer
A mid-aged Indian villager sits alone on the Chaarpai - looking towards the camera