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Cute little school-age girl cuddling her favorite soft doll sitting at her home - Indian kid
Cute little girl sleeping in her bed with her soft toy - nightlight
Shot of ice drop into a glass of cold drink / soft beverage - Bokeh India
Two pieces of soft multi-grain bread dropping on a stack of bread ready for breakfast
Freshly baked multi-grain bread slices beautifully placed on a wooden table
A cute charming baby girl putting a colorful soft toy in her mouth while playing
A charming beautiful baby girl learning to crawl while sitting on the bed
A sweet baby boy in casual clothes sitting alone in the bedroom at home
A sweet adorable toddler lying alone on the bed while playing with his soft toys
Single cheerful Indian mother playing with her young son - new parent, nuclear family, child care
A sweet little baby boy learning to crawl lying down alone in the modern bedroom
Happy dad and his little son constructing a building using colorful blocks - Young father, Single parent, parenting
A cheerful adorable kid in casual clothes in park - Single child
An attractive Indian woman with a towel on her head - Smiling and messaging her soft facial skin
A sweet little girl making her soft toy wear a medical mask during Coronavirus
Refreshing soft drink with yellow citrus lemon and soda - summer beverage
Female chef decorating delicious soft cream-filled cookies with red strawberry
Fresh chocolate syrup falling on soft cream-filled cookies - a delicious dessert
Medium shot of a cute little girl sleeping in her bed while hugging her teddy bear
Closeup shot of an adorable Indian girl sleeping comfortably in her bedroom
Pan shot of a cute little girl sleeping in her bed while hugging her favorite soft toy
Closeup shot of pouring cola soft drink into a transparent glass - drinks concept
Top view shot of beautifully decorated wooden table for Valentine's day theme
Top view shot of woman hands showing heart-shaped soft toy on Valentine's day
Indian female putting a red heart toy on a table for Valentine's day celebration
Group of four friends having delicious thin-crust pizza at an Italian restaurant
Beautiful young teenager comforting her best friend after his breakup in India
Cute Indian child happily smiling and hugging a red heart-shaped toy - joyful lifestyle