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Happy traditional housewife in saree and mangalsutra getting ready
Bengali woman in ethnic saree happily holding a plate with religious offerings
Beautiful Indian woman in saree smiling and offering flowers to Sai Baba during the festival - Guru Purnima
An Indian woman dressed in colorful saree in a decorated kitchen during the festival
A Bengali woman in a red-bordered saree getting ready for a traditional function
A Bengali female wearing a traditional Sari / Saree offering a Rasgulla - a tasty dessert, sugar, syrup
Puducherry, India, April/2020 - A woman wearing a saree is riding a bicycle - Women empowerment, Daily commute
Puducherry, India, April/2020 - An old woman selling saree on the street - Sunday market, local bazaar
A happy village lady in traditional Saree carrying her little daughter on her back - mother-daughter bonding, piggyback
A beautiful lady shows her ink-marked index finger on her left hand after voting - state elections, a responsible citizen, an Indian citizenship
An attractive woman posing happily while clicking a selfie using her smartphone - Indian culture, Indian wedding, Party
An attractive lady wearing a gorgeous Saree during the festive season -Diwali celebration, Diwali puja, Karwachauth
A young woman wearing jewelry and a pretty Sari in her modern home - traditional dress, Indian look
A middle-aged woman and her school-aged daughter of a village chatting together - Village home in India
A happy Indian village couple showing their ink marked fingers after voting - Elections, State elections, Fundamental right
A cheerful Indian villager showing her ink-marked index finger after voting - Indian elections, state elections, voter
Modern and educated female in Indian village home - An attractive Indian villager in a traditional Saree using a debit card
An adorable kid from an Indian village putting money in her piggybank - Finance, Savings, Monthly Budget
A sweet girl child from an Indian village hugging her affectionate mother
North Indian women dressed traditionally in saree - Greeting people with a Namaste gesture
A beautiful north Indian woman wearing a traditional Indian Saree talking on her smartphone
A beautiful Indian housewife wearing a necklace with her traditional Indian dress
A married rural Indian woman learning to write - Shiksha, Girl Education, Literacy in Rural India
A happy rural housewife talking on her mobile at home - Independent village woman
Two ladies of a village dressed in traditional Saree using a laptop together
A female holding beautiful handmade earrings in her hand
A young woman holding / checking a beautiful handmade earrings
An affectionate village mother talking to her son while he is sitting on her lap