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Sportsman applying talcum powder on hands before a workout session at the gym
Side view of an urban Indian youngster with earphones enjoying music indoors
Hands with red wrap sports bandage rubbing talcum powder before a workout
A muscular youngster wearing a sleeveless t-shirt, looking up towards the camera
A confident and stylish adult looking up towards the camera - healthy lifestyle
Muscular Indian man wrapping red boxing wrap bandage while getting ready for a training
Portrait of a kickboxer with red sports wrap bandage on hands wiping sweat
Extreme closeup of male's eyes and forehead with droplets of sweat - active lifestyle
Young kickboxer in sportswear with boxing tape wrapped around hands - boxing training
Indian college going male with silky black hair standing against a colorful wall
Fit and healthy man in a medical mask for protection from pollution and diseases
Indian youngster wearing a medical mask for protection from Coronavirus pandemic
Indian male boxer in his early twenties fixing his wrist bands for kickboxing training
Portrait of a serious Indian sportsman looking confidently at the camera
Half face of healthy Indian male showing his biceps against a dark background
Portrait of young handsome Indian man cheerfully looking straight at the camera
Portrait of half face of young handsome Indian man looking straight at the camera
A clean-shaved confident young adult looking seriously towards the camera
Portrait of a healthy youngster cheerfully browsing his smartphone - technology concept
Cheerful Indian female enjoying talking to friends / relatives on a mobile video call
Cute girl in her early twenties listening to her favorite music sitting on the sofa
Lonely young teenager checking her smartphone while sitting on the sofa at home
Smiling lady enjoying her favorite program on television while relaxing at home
Young girl enjoying watching television while sitting on the sofa in her living room
Close up shot of an Indian girl reading a book with the pink carnation flower in front
Confident Indian woman putting her debit / credit card details in her mobile
An attractive teenager typing messages on her mobile while sitting at home
Lovely working Indian woman talking to her clients using the speaker of her smartphone