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A young Indian woman taking out veggies from a paper bag while talking on a phone
An Indian woman in traditional Sari in a village home - Using old phone
Indian villager taking a phone call about receiving money - financial concept
Medium shot of an attractive Indian villager talking on a phone while having tea
Portrait of a modern smart Indian girl talking and smiling on the phone - Office setup
Racking focus shot of a beautiful Bengali woman talking on her mobile phone
A beautiful Indian girl is interrupted by a phone call during the meditation
Pretty Indian girl interrupted by a phone call while meditating in the living room
Adorable young guy interrupted by a phone call while meditating in the living room
Handsome Indian guy happily talking on his phone while having a cup of coffee
Smart Indian young man sleeping with a blindfold, wake up and turn off the alarm on mobile phone
Closeup shot of a young woman busy over a phone call during the winter season in India
Pretty Indian girl happily talking on a phone call while sitting alone at home - leisure time
Pretty Indian female wishing her friends "Happy Diwali" over a phone call - festival background
Attractive fashion designer in casual wear talking to a client on phone - Use of technology in business
Cute little boy talking over a phone call on his smartphone - technology concept
Indian farmer happily talking over a phone call - agricultural field in background
Well-dressed South-Indian woman inviting her friends to celebrate Diwali festival over a phone call
Attractive Indian villager taking a phone-call about receiving money - financial concept
Young Indian child watching cartoon movie on a mobile phone, green screen - technology concept
Mid age Indian woman talking on the phone. Shocked, Angry, Surprised expression
40 year old man having a phone call - Indian male sitting on the sofa
Indian beautiful woman talking on the phone beside diya- Diwali scene at home
Indian woman having a heated argument on the phone
Indian woman using her touchscreen mobile phone and looking confused
Happy Indian woman laughing while talking on the phone with friends
Indian businessman working from home - Talking on the phone
Indian man checking phone notifications with a cup of tea in his hand