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An Indian obese man exercising for his fitness in a playground - obesity, fat loss, physical exercise
Closeup shot of a fatty Indian man listening to songs in his free time in a park -relaxing after morning walk
A disinterested Indian man doing a workout with dumbbells - uncomfortable fitness routine, unfit body
Indian man doing side and front dumble raises during his fitness training - shoulder strength, physical exercise
An Indian overweight man performing a workout in open gym - dumbbell lift, fitness, healthy lifestyle, obese man, BMI
Indian man drinking water after the workout in the park - water, thirsty man, post workout rest, hydration, trying to lose weight
Portrait of an obese indian man sitting in a park and drinking water - hydration, fitness, healthy lifestyle
A tired Indian man with a samosa in hand - unhealthy food, workout, fitness, exercise, fat or fit, unsaturated fat food, confused
Indian man doing exercise to lose belly fat - Fitness, Weight loss, fat cutting, fat reduction, workout, tired
Portrait of Overweight man getting tired - weight loss, fat loss, healthy lifestyle, excessive sweat
Indian man doing exercise in the public gym - unhealthy man, fitness focus, obese, obesity, fat, weight gain
Shot of an Indian man working out at the park - outdoor gym, exercise machine, fitness exercise, outdoor activity, poor lifestyle issues
Fat Indian man doing a workout at the park - weightlifting, fitness regime, outdoor workout, unhealthy, health problems
Indian middle aged overweight man stretching his body - fitness, obese, obesity, stiff body, weight loss regime
Indian girl looking scared and sad - looking away, depression, mental health, social anxiety, exam pressure, running away from home
Close up shot of West Indian Jasmine - close to nature, sense of touch, ecological balance, go green
A young woman strolls in the garden - beautiful flowers, green plants, fresh air, manicured garden, spending time with nature
A wild elephant in the zoo - endangered species, mammal, mammoth animal, tusker, held in captivity
Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi, India, 9th September 2022, A food vendor preparing egg chicken kathi rolls with fried onions in the local market
Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi, India, 9th September 2022, A Phuchka seller in selling Golgappas to his customers - street vendor, street food, unhygienic
Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi, India, 9th September 2022, A middle-aged butcher is cutting / slicing a crab - tasty, delicious
Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi, India, 9th September 2022, A middle-aged guy is slicing raw chicken on a wooden board, meat market, fresh meat
Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi, India, 9th September 2022, A middle-aged man in casual clothes is cleaning / peeling the skin of a chicken, raw meat
Happy Indian lady eating ice cream in a public park - al fresco, summer treat, sweet frozen dessert, wafer cone ice cream
Indian woman smelling aromatic flowers - floral scent, anxiety relief, mental health, West Indian Jasmine, Red Thechi, Ixora
Energetic Indian woman talking with friend on video call - virtual conversation, chatting with friend, gossiping
Relaxed Indian girl enjoying a book in park - literature, flipping page, mental stimulation, reading a book, book worm
Indian woman sitting in a park drinking coconut water - low-calorie, healthy drink, tropical drink