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Handsome Indian guy calling someone from his smartphone while sitting in a park
Attractive Indian guy happily using his smartphone while sitting alone in a park
Attractive Indian guy happily taking selfies with his smartphone - technology concept
Indian teenager salutes at the Indian national flag - Republic/Independence Day
Indian teenagers celebrating Republic/Independence day in traditional clothing
Happy young teenagers saluting Indian national flag - Independence/Republic Day
Happy Indian friends having fun together in their college life during leisure time
Two young girls studying and working on a laptop together in their college park
Two young boys studying and working on a laptop together in their college park
Young college students working hard for their final semester exams - education concept
College scene of Indian teenagers sitting together and smiling looking at the camera
Hardworking college girl studying for a class test during lunchtime in the campus
Cute Indian student smiling and showing a thumbs up while working on her laptop
Young college students preparing for their semester exams - education concept
A young college student is very sad and depressed after failing the examination
Young college couple having fun while sitting together in the campus - leisure time
Unhappy Indian guy is very disappointed by his exam results - education failure
Indian medical professional standing outside the hospital and confidently folding his hands
Attractive young man giving a toothy smile in doctor's uniform - profession concept
Two young doctors discussing the disease history of a patient outside the hospital
Indian medical professionals happily smiling at the camera outside the hospital
Group of four young students studying together in the open-air - college scene
College scene - Group of young friends enjoying during leisure time in the campus
Group of Indian teenagers studying together using books and laptop - college life
Closeup shot of retired male and female doing a nature walk on a sunny morning
Elderly Indian man walking slowly with the help of a walker on a Sunday morning
Romantic senior male and female happily talking to each other - lifestyle concept
Back view shot of a retired old couple happily talking to each other in a park