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Healthy drink - Happy adolescent girl having fresh white milk at home
Cheerful teenage girl hugging an elderly Indian woman - special bonding
Female professional making notes during a conference call - WFH (Work from home) in COVID times
Mom teaching teenage daughter from mobile - Online learning. Edtech
A beautiful mom and teenage daughter studying together sitting at a wooden desk
Adult female working on a laptop while a teenage student completing homework
Smart mother helping her teenage child in studies while sitting in the study room
Indian mother and teenager daughter partying at home with healthy juice and cookies
Indian mother teaching cooking to her teenage daughter - Family responsibility
Indian loving mother doing the hair of her teenage daughter - Family bonding
Smart urban mother teaching her daughter to run an application on the laptop
Attractive mother-daughter duo making a video call using a smartphone from home
Indian teenage girl teaching her mother to use a mobile application at home
Worried Indian mother consoling her depressed teenage daughter at home
Indian mom doing her teen daughter's makeup - cosmetics and beauty
Teen daughter learning to apply makeup on her mother's face - Mother-daughter bonding
Young mother and teen daughter surfing internet - modern technology
Working lady helping her daughter in studies while doing her office work from home
Mother and daughter busy using laptop and mobile at home - disconnected family
An attractive villager talking on her mobile at home - Independent village woman
A beautiful village woman counting the money - Independent woman
A progressive farmer and his beautiful wife - Offering money from farm sales
An attractive village woman and her bearded husband looking at each other
A teenage sister and his brother smiling - Indian village home
Mother-daughter duo laughing and spending quality time - Indian village home
An adorable small child with her mother - Indian village home
Pretty village woman holding her Pallu / Ghunghat while sitting in her kitchen - Indian Village home
An Indian woman from a village stitching clothes on her old sewing machine - Working housewife