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A loving mother caring for her sick daughter suffering from flu lying on the sofa
Indian mother-daughter relationship - Sick daughter and caring mother
Adorable rural brother-sister enjoying while playing hand clap games - Happy Indian family
Muscular sportswoman's hand wrapped in a red cloth bandage using talc powder
Female boxer hitting a punching bag while preparing for kickboxing training
Indian female fighter wrapping boxing bandages - kickboxing training
Indian female boxer wrapping her hands with bandage tape - self-defense
Indian lady doing hair and head massage at-home - hair care
Cheerful young girl applying natural oil to her long curly hair for nourishment
Indian pretty woman with perfect skin taking hair oil from the bottle - beauty concept
Lonely Indian woman reading an interesting novel while taking rest at home
Indian teenager applying a crepe bandage on her legs and putting it on a soft cushion
Lonely injured woman at home - in pain after an accident
Pretty Indian woman with injury on hand and head eating apples while sitting at her home
Injured young woman drinking healthy orange juice sitting at home to get fit
Pretty lady with badly injured elbow putting an antiseptic solution on the wound
Injured adolescent female treating her wounded hand - first-aid of wrist sprain
Portrait of a young Indian woman applying moisturizer cream on hands at night
Indian bowler holding a red cricket duce ball dropping from the air - sports concept
Young athlete looking at his bandaged hand and then towards the camera
Indian male applying an elastic bandage for sprain - Indian boxer
Wrist sprain - Young man wrapping crepe bandage on his painful wrist
Indian batsman in full cricket uniform with helmet - fixing hand gloves before the game
Indian cricket batsman with helmet, bat, and gloves in hands, looking at the camera - Sports
Portrait of a professional batsman looking at a cricket bat in his gloved hands
Portrait of young Indian cricket player wearing hand gloves and getting ready for game
Young bowler ready with the leather ball before the cricket practice session
Portrait of young Indian sportsman playing with a leather ball before the cricket practice session