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Close-up of pro cyber sports gamer - gaming keyboard close shot, RGB keyboard and mouse
Beautiful Indian woman applying cream/lotion on her hands - self-care, spa treatment
Female masseuse massaging the legs of a client in a relaxed and calm atmosphere - spa center, healthy body and skin, self-love care
A young Asian woman receiving a body massage in a spa center - spa treatments, relaxing neck massage
A beautician wipes a woman's face after a cosmetic procedure - face treatment, skincare, spa treatment, lasik treatment preparation
An Indian man showing a prohibition sign crossing his arms making a refusal gesture toward the camera
An Indian woman showing a prohibition sign crossing his arms making a refusal gesture toward the camera, stop, no gesture
Portrait shot of an Indian man pointing on left - copy space - advertising concept, selling a product
An Indian woman pointing towards the left - copy space, living room, advertising concept
Happy Indian bride and friends on video call - Mehendi ceremony, traditional wedding, joyous celebration
Loving family celebrating Indian wedding ceremony together - Mehendi function, Hindu marriage ritual
Sweet mother and sister applying mehndi to groom's hand - henna ceremony, Indian wedding ritual, Hindu culture
Adorable ethnic mother blessing her son during his Mehendi - henna ceremony, symbolic gesture, warding off evil eye/bad luck
Slow motion of female hands putting black thread in needle hole
Indian man detangling knots in a bundle of hay - biodegradable packing, mulching material, agriculture industry
Gloved hand scooping masala with a spoon - Indian spices, traditional achaar making process, South Asian pickle
Skilled Indian artisan using dyed blocks to print fabric - block printing, Rajasthani art, ethnic fashion, handmade stamps
Skilled Indian factory worker cutting a wooden block - wood cutting machine, Indian craftsmanship
Indian craftsman stabilizing wooden piece for carving process - manual wood fitting tool, traditional handicraft, Tarkashi technique
Closeup shot of Indian craftsman creating motifs on wood - traditional carving method, Tarkashi technique, antique architecture
Young bachelor drizzling oil in a non-stick pan - cooking at home, staying alone, office going, vegetable oil, induction cooktop
Millennial Indian man pouring clean drinking water in pan - cooking at home, mineral/filtered water, homemade food
Smiling fit Indian man showing homemade salad bowl to the camera - healthy food, nutrient-rich, balanced diet
A beautiful woman relaxing with back neck treatment at spa - soothing wellness experience, potli massage, panchkarma
Frustrated woman with hair problems - trimming hair at home, after bath routine, poor hair health, hair care routine, hair problems
Young girl getting ready for travel - packing clothes in a blue suitcase, travel concept, living in suitcase, how to pack
Portrait of beautiful young asian woman in towel lying on spa bed for wellness treatment at spa resort on vacation
Closeup shot of masseuse giving herbal compress balls on the back of a woman - panchkarma, potli massage