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A glass of plum juice with fresh plums kept on the table
Slicing a red plum using a sharp knife - refreshing drink, fruit juice, healthy fruit drink
Pouring tomato sauce with a burger and fries - serving fast food, delicious burger, restaurant food
Small nuclear Indian family greeting people on Diwali - Indian culture, Namaste gesture, Diwali celebrations
Closeup shot of moti choor ladoo - Indian sweet laddu on Indian festival
A young husband-wife of an Indian village talking on a video call from the hospital - new parents, newborn baby
Female keeping a Puja Thali near Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi - Diwali Puja
An attractive Indian couple wishing Happy Diwali on a video call - distant communication, warm greetings
A female lighting a colorful Diya on the occasion of Diwali / Ganesh Chaturthi
A local Rajasthani artist making sand sculpture - young man, wearing Rajasthani Pagdi
An old couple and their granddaughter playing carrom board - indoor game, cue-sport tabletop game
An excited young lady cheering with the Indian National Flag while standing in the park
A young sportswoman wearing red bandage tape practicing punches - fit and active lifestyle, North Indian East girl
A young wounded lady with a bandage on her hand is reading a book - recovery from an injury, North East Indian girl
A young Indian lady applying anti septic lotion on wound using cotton - remedy at home, health and medical, first aid at home
An injured Indian female doing an online doctor consultation - home consultation, health and medical, medical attention, North East Indian girl
A cheerful Indian mother is playing hand-clapping games with her little daughter - a childhood game
A middle-aged Indian guy talking on a video call - use of technology, mobile phone penetration
An elderly woman / an aged grandmother putting a small red Bindi - a woman's accessory, Indian custom
An aged Indian housewife / an Indian grandmother is treating her wounded hand - injury, scars, bruises
An Indian man applying shaving cream on his face - grooming, getting ready, clean shaved, morning hygiene
A modern Indian woman and her little kids - video call, Punjabi family, single mother, tough parenting, surd family
A middle-aged Punjabi gentleman and his young daughter making a video call - Punjabi family, single father
A young cancer patient on a video call - distant communication, a modern technology
A happy Indian couple talking on a video call together - distant communication, an internet connection
Indian kitchen - cooking vegetarian food, Jeera Aloo in a non-stick pan, delicious food, home-cooked food
Homemaker's hand dipping a slice of stuffed bread inside a chickpea flour
Female dipping stuffed bread inside a bowl of gram flour to make tasty snacks - bread pakodas, fritters, Indian snack recipe