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Coconut trees on both sides of a riverbank - a beautiful scenery, a natural environment
River water is flowing through the boulders / small rocks - a mountain river, a natural source of water
Clean and clear water is flowing from a mountain river valley amongst the rocks - fresh water, natural source of water, sun shining
Clean and clear river water is flowing from a valley - a hilly region
Water is flowing through the rocks in a river valley - ecology, fresh water, rain water, rivers in mountains, closeup
Clean And clear river water flowing through the valley in between the mountains - fresh water, scenic, Ganges
A dead body of a calf / buffalo floating in the river water - waste materials floating in the river, contaminated water, water degradation
Flowing river water during monsoons - under the bridge, riverbank, natural source, clean water
Muddy water flowing in the river during monsoons - green trees, overflowing river, freshwater, natural source of water
Himachal Pradesh, India, 1st June 2022, Two young girls sitting beside the river - sitting on a rock, riverside
A herd of cows and buffaloes grazing in an open field / green pastures in the in Himachal Pradesh, India - Mammals, mountain area
Scenic view in Himachal Pradesh in India - A small rainy water steam flowing with clear water, bed of rocks in a valley, river valley
Beautiful scenery of a clean river passing through the mountains in Himachal Pradesh in India - river water, river valley, natural source of water
Close shot of the water flowing in the clean river in mountains - rocky river, fresh water, water rapids
Himachal Pradesh, India, 1st June 2022, A village lady with her two young kids is resting / relaxing on the rocks / boulders
Bright sun and the clean river flowing in the mountains - fresh water, valley
Top view of a clean river flowing through the mountains - scenic beauty, fresh water, mountain river
Caramel / sugar syrup poured on freshly baked cupcakes decorated with tutti fruity
Pouring beer into a transparent half-filled glass of beer - Party time
Bubbles are being formed in an already filled glass of beer - a refreshing drink
Chilled beer is poured into a transparent glass kept on a wooden table
A couple of biscuits and tea served in transparent glass for morning breakfast
Aerated beverage / soda tonic water pouring / poured in a clear glass
Clear mineral water inside a transparent glass with bubbles rotating
Pure water in a transparent glass making bubbles - a thirst quencher
Pure water pouring in a transparent glass with bubbles forming - refreshing to drink
More water is added / pouring to an already filled glass of water - hygienic drink
Wooden honey dipper in a clear cup of nectar against a blurred background