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A man pointing fingers at the copy space at home - advertisement concept
Indian friends watching the cricket cup - praying for the Indian team to win, nervous fans, victory celebration, adrenaline rush
Indian friends watching the cricket cup at home - pray sincerely for the Indian team to win, nervous fans, victory celebration
A loving husband and wife standing and watching away from the camera - green screen - pointing fingers at a copy space
Doctor checking the oxygen saturation level of a female patient - portable oximeter, pulse meter
Close shot of a musician playing the Tabla - an Indian musical instrument
A male accountant counting Indian currency and doing calculations using a calculator - accounting
A married Indian couple and their little daughter playing the fly away bird game together - Chidiya Udd, a childhood game
A middle-aged lady officer checking the identity proof of the voters in an election office - mandatory documents, documentation
A male government officer putting a blue ink mark on the fingers of all the voters - Indian citizens, democracy, election booth, voting in India
A Chunaav Adhikari checking the voting slips and the identity proof of the voters - Indian assembly elections, state elections
A happy Indian village couple showing their ink marked fingers after voting - Elections, State elections, Fundamental right
A young man rubbing and washing his hands in a white pot - cleanliness and hygiene
A caring mother putting Kala Teeka on her little baby's feet - baby care, parenting, Indian ritual, custom and tradition
A cheerful boy having fun with puffed corns stuck in his fingers while standing outside
A young smart boy in casual clothes eating snacks eagerly while sitting outside
A beautiful female model applying moisturizer under her eyes in the bathroom
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India, 17th November 2021, A handsome young man buying shawls / stoles at a counter
An attractive guy in his thirties showing the Ok super sign. Green screen / Chroma shoot
Handsome man having bad breath issues - medical treatment. Green screen / Chroma shoot
Yamuna Ghat, New Delhi, India, 19th December 2020, Pan shot of an elderly man painting his boat with a paintbrush
Yamuna Ghat, New Delhi, India, 19th December 2020, An elderly man wearing a cap painting his boat
A medical practitioner wearing a pair of white protective gloves in the hospital
Human / female hands writing the word "SUGAR" with the help of letters and alphabets
Piggybank for saving. Pig shaped piggy bank. Finance, Saving, Money
Alphabets made with wooden blocks - step by step learning. Kindergarten learning
Portrait of a beautiful girl wearing a white shirt browsing / scrolling on her tablet
Teenage girl with earrings wearing an earphone while listening to music on her mobile