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Working young couple at home - financial goals, managing house hold expenses, financial trouble, credit card bill
Female signing gold loan agreement against her gold jewelry - financial planning
Female hand watering a young sapling planted on a bed of coins - financial growth
A tensed Indian couple worried about their financial situation in the COVID pandemic
Analyzing company sales growth numbers - checking details, financial reports, and sales graph
A poor man in his late forties is putting coins inside a piggybank - future planning, financial problem
A middle-aged Gujarati housewife counting her last month's savings and noting it - hard-earned money, investment
New Delhi, India, April/2020 - Shot from moving vehicle in Delhi - Connaught place, Rajiv Chowk, financial center
New Delhi, India, April/2020 - Pan shot of Connaught Place in Delhi - Shopping, tourist destination, city life
An adorable girl from an Indian village putting money in her piggybank - educational loan, child financial literacy, monthly saving
A matured old man and his adorable grandchild happily putting coins in a piggybank
The small nuclear family in India - Husband, wife, and daughter. Monthly budgeting
Indian businessman in casual clothes - saving money and financial planning
A stack of golden coins falling out in a heap from a jar / piggy bank - banking and finance
Female hands typing on a device with a green screen sitting at her work desk
Female's hand checking sales and company growth with graphs and pie charts
Stressed young woman's hand accounting business loss and profit on a calculator
Female financial advisor estimating the bank account balance using a calculator - Business Accounting
Middle-aged Indian housewife counting her last month's savings and noting it
Indian villager taking a phone call about receiving money - financial concept
Middle-aged farmer counting his hard-earned money while sitting on the floor
Pretty Indian girl watering the notes in plant pot - Saving money for future, Investment
Ambitious working lady saving her money to buy a dream house for herself
Young Indian girl proudly showing her last month's salary - financial planning
Portrait of a smart young girl wearing casuals holding a bank credit/debit card
Smart Indian woman happily checking her saved money kept in a glass jar
Young woman employee happily keeping five hundred rupee note in a glass jar
Indian village woman dressed in saree counting Indian currency notes from her savings