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An elderly couple is talking on a video call - use of technology, adoption of technology by elderly
An old Indian couple is talking on a video call at home - distant communication, virtual call with family
A happily retired couple is sitting in the living room and drinking tea / coffee together - quality time, coffee bond
An aged Indian couple is talking with their young daughter - grandparents, family bonding, work break, Asian family
An adult man and his young daughter are talking on a video call - adoption of technology, easy of use
An adult daughter is hugging / cuddling with her dad while sitting on a comfortable sofa - father-daughter concept
South-Indian family happily posing for the camera on the occasion of Diwali - family pose, happy family
Portrait of an Indian old man talking on a mobile phone with colorful Diwali background
An Indian housewife wearing a pretty saree is talking on her mobile - festive season, Hindu festival, colourful decoration, Diwali decorations
A married couple happily chatting on a video call during Diwali festival - Diwali decorations, a Hindu festival, festive season
Two young Indian girls using a smartphone: video call, festive season, wishing Diwali, Diwali celebration, Indian festival
A middle-aged villager with mobile phone at home - beautiful wife, village life, sitting on the floor, unemployed man
A middle-aged village couple chatting and posing for the camera - single room house, rental home, happy couple
A lower middle class Indian couple chatting and having tea together - rural household, poor family
Portrait of a middle-aged woman talking on her mobile while lying down on the bed - late night gossip, bedtime talk
An Indian woman in her late forties and her school-aged daughter chatting together - a village home
A caring daughter consoling her sick father in the hospital - empathy, old age medical issues, cancer patient
Female Indian doctor talking to an elderly patient - giving medications, empathy, Asian doctor, brown skin
An aged patient wearing blue hospital clothes and a cannula is admitted to the hospital - old age, sick man, lonely patient
A senior male doctor consulting and consoling his female patient in the hospital ward - empathy, personal care
A stressed and lonely woman in her late forties is talking on her smartphone in the hospital - medical issue
Female patient using mobile phone while lying in the hospital bed - hospital recovery, recovering from medical surgery
An Indian housewife is talking on the phone sitting on the floor - making pickle, household work
A retired old man with his wife at home - spending free time at home drinking coffee / tea, caring housewife, beverage
An old man is talking on his mobile while sitting with his beautiful wife - retired lifestyle, keeping a hobby
A loving aged couple talking while sipping hot tea in winters - old age couple, lonely life, retired life in India
Indian beautiful woman wearing traditional clothes talking on the phone - excited
A married couple happily waving and chatting on a video call during Diwali, colourful decorations