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Attractive Indian guy happily using his smartphone while sitting alone in a park
Beautiful Indian girl eating delicious pizza and using her smartphone at the same time
Handsome Indian boy eating delicious pizza and using his smartphone at the same time
Young beautiful woman using her mobile while sitting alone at home during the winter season
Old Santa and cute little girl happily spending a perfect Christmas holiday in India
Two Indian male friends happily chatting during New Year celebration in India
Unhappy boring people chatting on their smartphones during New Year time in India
Cheerful male friends enjoying and drinking beer while celebrating New Year in India
Young handsome buddies laughing and talking during New Year house party in India
A cheerful group of friends laughing and dancing with sparklers - New Year celebration, India
Young girlfriends talking and clinking wine/champagne glasses during New year in India
Attractive Indian friends offering beer with a wide smile on their face - New Year Eve
Happy young people having fun together while hanging out in a coffee shop
A group of Indian teenagers talking while having coffee together in a restaurant or cafe
The young couple happily chatting while sitting at the restaurant table - leisure time
Group of four friends having delicious thin-crust pizza at an Italian restaurant
A group of Indian friends happily talking and enjoying in a restaurant - friends lifestyle
Indian waiter serves a delicious pizza to a group of young and hungry friends in a cafe
Young cheerful friends looking at the smartphone while having pizza in a cafe
A group of four young teenagers raising a toast to their beautiful friendship in a cafe
Group of four happy friends having fun while hanging out together in a restaurant
A young group of friends happily enjoying while talking and eating in a cafe
Two young girls laughing and watching funny videos on the smartphone - lifestyle concept
Two Indian teenagers smiling and posing while clicking selfies in a cafe/lounge
Two young teenagers chilling out together in a cafe or a lounge - lifestyle concept
Two Indian female friends happily chatting during New Year or Christmas celebration
Two Indian male buddies giving high five while chatting and celebrating New Year or Christmas Eve
A group of young girls happily talking to each other during Christmas or New Year time - festive scene