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A lady placing a gift with a blue ribbon next to artificial flowers
Attractive woman in her twenties celebrating the Indian festival of lights - Hindu festival, festive mood, Diwali celebration, colorful decoration
Middle-aged Indian couple romancing - putting a rose on his wife's hair, festive mood, romantic couple
A young man offering water during Puja ceremony at Pushkar religious lake - religious place, travel and tourism
A cheerful girl in a traditional white dress running with tri-color balloons on Republic Day
A female wearing a white dress with tricolored bangles and tri-color dupatta greetings with a namaste gesture
Close shot of a man playing the Dholak / Mridangam - Indian music instrument
Himachal Pradesh, India, 1st June 2022, A number of people are carrying a Palanquin / Palki on their shoulders walking together
An Indian couple wearing a colorful hat celebrating their daughter's birthday -birthday party
A young Muslim mother and her cute daughter clicking a selfie together on a mobile - modern lifestyle
A handsome boy teases his elder sister before giving her a colorful gift on Rakhi
A handsome guy giving a wonderful present to his beautiful wife - Eid celebrations, a festive season, a surprise gift
A happy Muslim woman in a headscarf giving colorful envelopes to her little kids - Eidi, Al-adha, gifts
A young man performs Namaz during the festival of Eid - an Islamic prayer, Ramadan, faith, belief
A little schoolgirl proudly swinging the Indian National in her farm field - patriotism, Jai Hind, National holiday
A farmer's son and daughter in school uniform waving the Indian National Flag together - Independence / Republic Day
Two smiling Indian girls wearing colorful funny googles posing for the camera on Holi festival
A handsome guy wearing trendy sunglasses while posing for the camera on Holi - an Indian festival, vibrant colors
Closeup shot of a pretty Indian girl wearing earrings during Holi celebration
Closeup shot of a beautiful Indian girl with vibrant Gulal on her face - Holi festival, organic colors, festive season
Beautiful young sisters and brother wishing happy Holi over video call - Relationships, pretty faces
Group of young Indian friends greet each other on the festival of color - Holi celebration, Exchange of gifts
A man in white kurta blowing gulal from his hand on the eve of Holi - colorful holi, Holi color sprinkle
A young man dancing on Holi - Holi festival
At the festival of colors young Asian guy checking his phone and smiling - Guy face covered with Holi colors
Young friends applying Gulal on each other during traditional Holi celebrations
An attractive couple in ethnic wear feeding traditional Gujia to each other - Holi celebrations, an Indian sweet
A sweet boy and girl playing hand-clapping games - a childhood game, leisure time, a Hindu festival