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Young Indian girl proudly saluting the nation - proud Indian, nation lover, desh prem, national holiday
Young village girl proudly swinging the Indian flag in a field - tri color flag, proud citizen, rural lifestyle
Young Indian gamer playing online video game - professional gaming, gaming headset, neon
Indian young man looks excited - thrilled, euphoric, enthusiastic, winning streak
Indian young man gives a thumbs-up gesture while smiling towards the camera- encouragement, uplifting
A beautiful Puja Pandal decorated with orange marigold flowers and bells - an auspicious occasion, celebration time
Excited Indian woman throwing rose petals - Mehendi ceremony, traditional marriage, contemporary celebration
Happy Indian couple dancing on Sangeet - musical night, traditional ceremony, romantic dance, cultural celebration
The Indian National Flag / Tiranga is being hoisted / waving in the mountainous region - Independence day / republic day
Indian mother and daughter taking a picture - Diwali, Indian festival, smartphone, selfie, festive vibes, Onam, Vaisakhi
Indian woman offering flower to goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh - Diwali Puja, Indian festival, traditional rituals
Beautiful clay showpieces - idols of lord Ganesha statues for decorating homes on Diwali
A beautiful Buddha fountain sold at a roadside stall for sale in India - meditating Buddha statue in a market
Handcrafted decoration in a shop in India - hanging souvenir items, home decor accessories
An excited Indian woman happily makes a winning gesture - teeneager, ad copy
Indian brother and sister enjoying while celebrating Holi - pretty, Indian culture, party hats, teenage friends
Plate full of Lohri items like rewri, gajak, murmira ladoo etc rotating on a turntable for Lohri celebration in India
Beautifully served Lohri items consumed on the Lohri festival during wintertime
Indian woman hands placing a bowl of peanuts on a wooden table surrounded by Lohri items like bhujia chikki, murmura ladoo, gajak roll, popcorns, etc
Closeup shots of peanuts, popcorn, gajak, peanuts chikki, rewri etc rotating on a turntable - Lohri festival, Makar Sankranti
Closeup shot of homemade Indian sweet in terracotta bowls - Lohri Festival
Beautifully placed delicious Lohri items rotating on a turntable - Punjabi's Lohri festival
Top view shot of plate full of various sweets rotating on a turntable for Lohri celebration and Makar Sankranti in India
Beautifully served Lohri items consumed on the Lohri festival during wintertime
Pan shot of various sweets consumed during Indian Festival Lohri Makar Sankranti
Closeup shot of a woman's hand picking up freshly made murmura ladoo/Puffed Rice Ladoo during Lohri festival
Female keeping a decorative candle on a wooden table on Lohri festival - Indian festival, Indian snacks, Indian food, Indian culture
Shot of blowing out a candle standing on the table - Festive vibe, Christmas celebration