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Smiling young Indian boy inside the kitchen - wearing casuals and talking on the phone
Attractive Indian bride and groom exchanging wedding garlands on stage
Angry Indian couple feeling extremely frustrated after fighting with each other
Indian boyfriend-girlfriend facing conflicts while living in a live-in relationship
Young Indian couple fighting and shouting at each other during a heated argument
Young boyfriend-girlfriend facing conflicts while living in a live-in relationship
Indian boyfriend-girlfriend cheerfully greeting their relatives on a video call
Attractive Indian couple happily talking to their friends over a video call/chat
Frustrated Indian man yelling and shouting at his girlfriend while she is crying
Young boyfriend-girlfriend happily greeting their friends over a group video chat
Young Indian couple working together and discussing their project plan
Indian couple discussing their credit card statement while sitting together in the living room
A young girl helps her friend to wear a surgical mask during corona time
Caring Indian husband touching his wife's forehead to check her body temperature
A tensed Indian couple worried about their financial situation in the COVID pandemic
A young Indian farmer using a credit card to make an online payment through a smartphone
Young attractive farmer happily standing in his field while folding his hands
An Indian farmer in a village putting harmful pesticides in his wheat field
A young happy farmer with a shovel (phawra) in his village farm
A happy farmer showing his ink-marked finger and his belief in the right to vote
Screen view - Young friends talking on a video call during the Covid-19 pandemic
Two distance friends talking on video call while one of them introduces his wife
Screen view of young college friends happily talking over a virtual video chat
Young office colleagues discussing the new project on a video conference call
Group of five distance friends chatting and laughing over a virtual video chat
An Indian boy sleeping on his grandmother's lap while she pats him off to sleep
An Indian village boy playing with a small dog sitting near a green farmland
A little village boy sitting with his old grandmother while she worships God