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A handsome teenage boy posing for the camera while making study notes - school student, preparing for competitive exams
A young boy and his father doing arm-wrestling - physical strength, fun game, parent-child bonding
A young boy is posing for the camera while doing his homework at a study table - a school student, break time
A young boy with black curly hair is completing his homework sitting at a desk - school assignments, learning and knowledge
A young boy getting a scolding from his mother for not completing his homework - a naughty kid, a disobedient child
A small young boy with curly hair drinking a glass of juice while doing his homework
A teenage boy making notes while preparing for his examinations - a college student, research work
Delhi, India, April/2020- Young Indian boy preparing orange juice in a manual machine - street vendor, a small stall, daily wages
Puducherry, India, April/2020 - A young boy walking by the seaside - Rock beach, Pondy
A young smiling boy blows yellow organic gulal - color in the air, blowing colors, holi celebration, Indian festival
Portrait of a smart boy with curly hair playing an online game on his smartphone
A young smart boy in casual clothes eating snacks eagerly while sitting outside
An exhausted and tired boy sleeping in the rear seat of his car while traveling
An intelligent boy reading a book in his leisure time while sitting in a classroom
Portrait of a smiling little boy with black hair playing with a magnifying glass
Attractive boy writing in a notebook while leaning against a tree in the park
An Indian village boy playing with a small dog sitting near a green farmland
A little village boy sitting with his old grandmother while she worships God
A little village boy near green farmland, happily hugging his grandmother
An Indian village scene with a boy sitting on a cot holding a puppy in his hand
Close-up shot of a small adorable boy drinking a glass of milk at his home
Santa Claus giving a gift box to a cute little boy during Christmas celebration in India
Young little boy sitting with Santa Claus and opening the Christmas gift
Little Indian boy playing with wooden blocks. Slow-motion shot
Young Indian boy playing with wooden building blocks and making a house
Cute boy choosing the right color pencil to complete his shading - child education concept
Indian boy reading a school book - Caring mother gives him milk. Study and Homework
School going boy and a girl standing with Indian map - India celebrates Independence day. Patriotism concept