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Indian Stock Video Footage At Knot9

An Indian sweet shop owner (Halwai) preparing and frying spiral jalebis (Indian Sweet Dish) in a huge oil container
A man preparing and putting fresh and delicious deep fried jalebis (Indian sweet dish) on a tray
A street side vendor making flower garlands by putting white flowers in a thread
A man beating the outer surface of an earthen drinking pot in order to make the surface even
A closeup shot of a potter shaping the mud clay to make an earthen pot
A potter working on potter's wheel and giving shapes to the mud clay
A man putting samosas in a huge container of oil to get deep fried
Close up of a potter preparing and designing a flower pot on a potter's wheel
A boy welding cartwheel / bike's tyre in his workshop
A man stirring samosas in the huge container of oil while deep frying them
Potatoes being fried on a huge frying pan for chaat (Indian street food)
A man deep frying matri / poori (Indian food items) in a huge container
A boy welding a cartwheel tyre in his workshop along with the helpers
A man welding a metal block in his workshop
A man sharpening a tool in his hand using a blade sharpening machine
A man placing chaap (Indian street food) pieces in the corner rolling it in the gravy
A man changing the sides of seekh kebab to cook from all sides
A poor potter beating earthen jar to make a water pot
A potter turning mud clay into a beautifully shaped earthen money bank
Close up of a potter giving different shapes to the mud clay on a potter's wheel
Slow motion of a man hand pounding raw spices in a stone mortar
A man frying pooris in a huge deep cooking pot and collecting the freshly cooked ones in a tray
A welder repairing and working on an iron gate on the street