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An Indian woman sifting and cleaning rice using traditional technique
Rural Indian woman sifting rice on the ground outside her home
Smiling woman sifting and cleaning rice at her home in a rural Indian village
Sarson ka Saag - Indian woman cutting mustard leaf / sarson with a traditional iron cutter
Indian rural woman adding ingredients to prepare chutney in a stone grinder
Newborn calf drinking milk from the mother cow in a village of India
A rural Indian woman repairing house wall with a mixture of mud and cow dung
Closeup of a Hindu woman milking a cow in an Indian village
Indian Village - Rural woman milking a cow on her farm
Shot of an Indian potter making cement planter (Gamla) with float and trowel
Shot of an Indian potter making cement planter (Gamla)
Shot of a dhoop batti / incense stick burning with smoke
Shot of a man making face of Durga idol with clay mud in his workshop
Shot of buffalos tied up in a rural house shed in an Indian village
Closeup shot of a cow eating hay / straw in an Indian village house
Workers making framework of Ma Durga Idol / murti with hay and bamboo sticks for Durga Puja
Shot of a worker making different shapes for Durga Ma idol by tying hay with rope
A worker preparing parts for making Ma Durga Idol with hay
Shot of a craftsman making goddess durga idol / murti with hay for navratri puja
A farmer ploughing rice paddy field with tractor in a rainy season - Indian Village
Indian Village Life - Shot of a woman bathing their buffalo
Indian Village - Cute little new born brown calf drinking mother's milk
Indian Village Life - Closeup shot of a calf drinking cow's milk
A pan shot of a green field of sorghum / jowar in Indian village
Indian female farmer working in the rice field in a village
Indian farmer planting rice in the rainy season - Paddy field in village
An Indian farmer planting rice seedlings in the field - Village agriculture life
Pan shot of a man creating the face of the Durga idol with clay