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Rural Indian woman pounding spices with mortar and pestle outside her house
An Indian woman sifting and cleaning rice using traditional technique
Rural Indian woman sifting rice on the ground outside her home
Smiling woman sifting and cleaning rice at her home in a rural Indian village
Sarson ka Saag - Indian woman cutting mustard leaf / sarson with a traditional iron cutter
Indian rural woman adding ingredients to prepare chutney in a stone grinder
Newborn calf drinking milk from the mother cow in a village of India
A rural Indian woman repairing house wall with a mixture of mud and cow dung
Closeup of a Hindu woman milking a cow in an Indian village
Indian Village - Rural woman milking a cow on her farm
A flock of pigeons eating grains ion Jaipur Streets
A flock of pigeons eating grains - Indian Street Scene
The flock of Pigeons flying off from the feeding area in Jaipur
Slow motion shot of the flock of pigeons flying in the sky
Beautifully decorated ferris wheel in a park during dussehra
A man selling kulfi on his stall to his customers on old delhi market
A wide shot of a usual day at a village fair - Beautiful India
A girl moving her pointing cursor of a laptop's touchpad
Time lapse of people walking in and out of Lotus Temple
Bokeh shot at India Gate and people's activity
People's activity at Rajpath in front of India Gate during night
Timelapse of vehicles moving in fast motion and people crossing road at India Gate
Timelapse of people walking on Rajpath in front of India Gate at night
Timelapse shot of traffic in night at cannaught place, Delhi
Timelapse at Jama masjid in Delhi with clear blue sky
Timelapse of People's activity at Red fort, New Delhi
Timelapse of jama masjid's entrance gate in Delhi, India
Fast motion of a crowded street, view from a rickshaw