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An accountant counts Rupee 500 Indian currency notes and note it down
Beautiful Indian girl waving and typing on phone while sitting in her dark office cabin
Female's hand typing on a keyboard and using touchpad of a laptop
A closeup shot of an accountant verifying the balance sheet of company
Shot of a women using laptop for online purchase / shopping with credit card
Closeup shot of women hand's typing on computer keyboard
Pretty indian female support center operator speaking to the customer
Smart female support / call center operator speaking to customer
Cute girl lying on her bed and working on laptop and listening to music on headphones
Close shot of a man typing on his smartphone. Use of gadget in modern life
Man smashing coal with hammer into small pieces for furnace fuel
Worker on machine in a factory adjusting and working with drills
Closeup shot of drilling machine making hole
An Indian boy busy working and typing on his laptop in his office
A boy welding cartwheel / bike's tyre in his workshop
A boy welding a cartwheel tyre in his workshop along with the helpers
A man welding a metal block in his workshop
A man sharpening a tool in his hand using a blade sharpening machine
Top view of a busy Indian girl typing on her laptop with green screen while sitting in her office cabin
A girl surfing internet and reading article on phone / tablet sitting in a dark room
A man using his phone / tablet surfing pictures in a dark room
Workers pouring smelted bronze metal into the sand
Young Indian boy and girl (boss) discussing office work while looking at the computer screen
Indian support / call center operator typing and speaking to the customer
Wide shot of a lathe machine in action
Closeup shot of a lathe machine giving shape to the metal
Closeup shot of workers pouring smelted bronze metal in the mould
Shot of an industrial worker working in manufacturing plant on lathe machine