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Young girl dressed in formals walking and talking over mobile phone against the green screen
Beautiful girl wearing shorts standing against the green screen and texting on her mobile phone
Couple watching television against the chroma screen and changing channels
Couple sitting on chair and talking to each other and making gestures on chroma screen
Cute girl standing with an umbrella and enjoying in rain against the green screen
young boy and girl in formals walking with a file and discussing
Young man dressed formally walking with a stroller and talking on his cell phone against the green screen
Girl in formals walking sideways against green screen
Handsome boy standing against the green screen and blushing while looking at somebody
Formally dressed young boy and girl with file discussing against the green screen
Timelapse shot of traffic in night at cannaught place, Delhi
Timelapse of jama masjid's entrance gate in Delhi, India
Close up shot of a metal worker's hands cutting iron pieces in the workshop
A welder repairing and working on an iron gate on the street
Fast motion of a crowded street, view from a rickshaw
Time lapse of Bangla sahib gurudwara's view from dome's lake
Mid shot of a boy lying alone on a sofa and reading an interesting book (4K)
Young boy sitting alone on sofa playing video game
Young boy sitting on a sofa watching TV alone and changing channels. Remote not working properly.
Young boy sitting on sofa watching TV and making various facial expressions
Young boy sitting on sofa in living room, getting bored and watching TV alone
4K footage of a young boy sitting on sofa looking stressed and disturbed
Checking blood pressure using digital arm blood pressure monitoring device (4K)
4K footage of a girl monitoring blood pressure of a boy using digital blood pressure monitoring device
Couple sitting on bed corners away from each other after a fight
Young happy couple lying on bed and watching television together
Above the head shot of a cute girl lying on her bed and listening to music on black headphones
Young couple sitting together on sofa playing video games