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A cheerful mother holding her little kid while having a funny conversation
A young mother talking to her newborn baby boy while relaxing at home - parenting, new parent, single mother
An attractive lady sitting with a cute girl child on her lap at home - baby sitting
A caring mother having a fun time with her with her cute adorable daughter
A sweet baby boy crying and looking for mother attention - young infant, baby boy
Portrait of a sweet adorable infant sitting alone on a comfortable bed
A young playful father spending time with his little girl-child lying on the bed
A happy father carrying his smiling little son on his shoulders at home
Happy dad and his little son constructing a building using colorful blocks - Young father, Single parent, parenting
Portrait of a smart boy with curly hair playing an online game on his smartphone
A caring Indian mother and her attractive son playing with a ball on the sofa - quality time, single mother
A young mother and her cute son playing the rock paper scissors game together - quality time, family bonding, single mother, divorced mother
A happy Indian father gifting a bright colored dress for his daughter - Young parents, Nuclear family, Happy parents
Sibling rivalry - Indian brother and sister fighting for a digital tablet
Soulcurry Office, Faridabad, India, 14th December 2021, A young boy wearing a red sweatshirt watching cartoons on a tablet - Digital device
A little kid playing a video game - lost game and unhappy, screen addiction, video game addiction
A school-aged young boy enjoys playing football in a public park - active lifestyle
An elderly man and his young grandchild playing with a frisbee in a public park
A happy little baby girl with beautiful eyes - cute Indian baby girl, baby with chubby cheeks
An affectionate Indian father bringing a pretty colorful dress for his daughter
New parents playing with their baby - body massage, tummy time, exercise - kids lifestyle
A loving Indian mother playing with her adorable daughter in the bedroom
A caring Indian mother sitting in the living room and playing with her cute infant
A happy Indian mother making her little daughter wear a red cap in the winters
A caring Indian mother massaging her baby - Baby massage, healthy baby, baby routine, caring parents, strong bones
A young Indian mom holding and soothing her daughter - mother-daughter boding, new born baby
Young Indian mother playing with her baby - Baby growth, learning, baby development, childhood
An affectionate Indian mother holding her newborn cute baby girl in her arms