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A caring and affectionate mother putting her little daughter to sleep at night
An adorable girl child wearing a white T-shirt sleeping on a comfortable bed
A sweet girl child posing for the camera - Young baby playing
Tired Indian mother sleeping together with her sweet little girl child in the bedroom
Charming and adorable Indian baby posing for the camera while standing on the bed
Cranky little baby girl crying while sitting alone on the bed - fear and anxiety
Cute Indian baby girl with black hair playing with colorful plastic toys in her leisure time
A newborn baby girl wearing a white T-shirt sleeping peacefully with a nightlamp
Urban Indian dad teaching his small girl to slide on roller skates - fun moments
Portrait of a little girl child smiling while looking at the camera - happy mood
An Indian father and daughter clicking a selfie on their mobile - modern technology
Small urban child sitting with a doll enjoying funny videos on a smartphone
Lovely little girl using mobile sitting at her home - modern technology
A little girl showing her favorite doll on a video call - virtual communication
Cute little school-age girl cuddling her favorite soft doll sitting at her home - Indian kid
A teenage sister and his brother smiling - Indian village home
Cute little village schoolgirl happily playing with a paper airplane at home
Village scene of a young school girl writing the Hindi word "Shiksha" on a slate
Village scene of an Indian girl reading her school book while sitting on the floor
Child abuse at home - Scared girl and angry father with a belt in hands
Indian father making his upset child comfortable - childhood sad moments
A close-up shot of a sweet little girl in her living room, smiling at everyone
A caring father combing his daughter's hair while she plays with her toy
A mother-daughter duo enjoying each other's company playfully at their home
A smiling woman carrying a tray with a jar containing orange juice
An Indian boy sleeping on his grandmother's lap while she pats him off to sleep
An Indian village boy playing with a small dog sitting near a green farmland
Closeup shot of a handsome Indian boy drinking a glassful of milk at home