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Medium shot of a couple where the husband falls asleep without talking to his wife
Point of view shot of an adorable Indian couple having a video chat via laptop
An adorable and young husband-wife happily spending quality time together at home
Young boyfriend girlfriend having coffee while enjoying pleasant conversation
Attractive Indian couple laughing together while watching TV in the living room
Indian couple happily talking while drinking tea/coffee together in the living room
Beautiful young female showing something to her boyfriend on a smartphone
Attractive young female talking on a video chat with her friends - technology concept
Young boyfriend girlfriend learning breathing exercises in an online yoga class
Adorable Indian couple doing housekeeping duties together during the lockdown
Young boyfriend girlfriend doing rhythmic breathing exercises in the living room
Young boyfriend girlfriend meditating in Sukhasana (easy pose) for a healthy lifestyle
Cheerful Indian siblings happily fighting with cushions in the living room at home
Indian brother and sister teasing each other while sitting together on a couch
Happy husband taking care of her beautiful pregnant wife while she is sleeping
Loving husband surprises his pregnant wife by holding her belly from behind
Romantic Indian husband kissing his beautiful pregnant wife on the forehead
Closeup shot of an 8 months pregnant couple holding their baby bump together
Pan shot of an excited pregnant woman telling her husband that the baby kicked
Pregnant Indian couple spending quality time together during the final trimester
Pregnant Indian couple having a good time together while sitting outdoors
Caring husband pouring fruit juice for his pregnant wife and himself on a date
Pregnant couple exchanging glances while exercising in bed - pregnancy yoga
A beautiful pregnant woman practicing yoga exercises with her loving husband
Loving husband tests the blood pressure of his pregnant wife using a machine
Handsome man giving massage to his pregnant wife suffering from back pain
Caring husband offers water to his wife to comfort her with pregnancy sickness
Husband massages his wife's back during the final trimester of her pregnancy