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Frustrated Indian husband scolding and threatening his wife - domestic violence
Young village couple fighting and having arguments - sad and unhappy housewife
Indian village couple happily watching television together sitting on a woven cot
Young village couple is happily watching a TV program while sitting on a chaarpai
Young Indian woman happy and surprised to receive a gift from her husband
Aggressive Indian husband scolding and threatening his wife after domestic violence
Caring Indian husband touching his wife's forehead to check her body temperature
Newly Married Indian husband surprises wife with a necklace as a gift - Festival concept
Happy woman with a positive pregnancy test calling her husband - celebration
Young and newly married happy Indian couple working on the laptop
A young Indian dad and mom supporting their little girl while she studies in a proper way
A young couple arguing in the background while their child feels upset and disturbed
A married man sitting in stress in the living room while his family is having fun
A medium shot of a young couple busy on their personal electronic gadgets
An upset wife trying to show interest in the husband's work to gather his attention
A cheerful married couple enjoying their favorite program lying down on the bed
Medium shot of a couple where the husband falls asleep without talking to his wife
Point of view shot of an adorable Indian couple having a video chat via laptop
An adorable and young husband-wife happily spending quality time together at home
Young boyfriend girlfriend having coffee while enjoying pleasant conversation
Attractive Indian couple laughing together while watching TV in the living room
Indian couple happily talking while drinking tea/coffee together in the living room
Beautiful young female showing something to her boyfriend on a smartphone
Attractive young female talking on a video chat with her friends - technology concept
Young boyfriend girlfriend learning breathing exercises in an online yoga class
Adorable Indian couple doing housekeeping duties together during the lockdown
Young boyfriend girlfriend doing rhythmic breathing exercises in the living room
Young boyfriend girlfriend meditating in Sukhasana (easy pose) for a healthy lifestyle