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Young adorable couple hanging colorful items/ornaments on a Christmas tree at home
Happy Indian girl decorating Christmas tree with her cute boyfriend during Christmas
A handsome young man surprises his girlfriend with a colorful gift on Christmas
The young adorable girl happily spending quality time with her boyfriend - Christmas holiday
Young happy couple spending a perfect Christmas holiday and New Year with each other in India
Happy Indian couple enjoying dancing at a New Year masquerade party - festive scene
Handsome young man dancing with his beautiful girlfriend during New Year celebration
Romantic young couple raising a toast to each other on a candlelight dinner date - Valentine Day
Closeup shot of lovely young girl spending quality time with her boyfriend in a cafe - Valentine Day
Cute Indian couple laughing while watching videos in a cafe - happy moment. Valentine Day
Indian teenage couple enjoying a candlelight dinner date in a luxury lounge - Love and Relationship
Closeup shot of a loving couple holding hands on a romantic dinner date at a restaurant - Valentine's Day
Cheerful happy couple doing online Christmas shopping using a laptop and credit card
Happy Christian wife surprising her husband with special Christmas present in India
Young cute couple exchanging festival gifts while sitting under a decorated Christmas tree
Young husband-wife in Santa hats happily enjoying their Christmas holiday
Pretty Indian woman surprisingly closes her husband's eyes from behind - Christmas holiday
Indian teenage couple enjoying a candlelight dinner - healthy relationship concept
Cute Indian couple having a good time while having drinks in a cafe - lifestyle concept
Young happy couple spending a romantic date together in a luxury lounge or bar
Cute Indian couple having fun together while using a laptop in bed - lifestyle couples
Indian married couple spending quality time together while having lunch at home. Couple from India
Newly married couple of India having fun while browsing social media on a mobile phone
Indian married couple discussing their monthly expenditures - a family lifestyle
Young husband and wife fighting over money and expenses while sitting on a couch
Indian woman in traditional saree asking the husband to leave his phone and eat lunch/ dinner
Young Indian couple using digital tab to pick the color of walls - Home interiors after home relocation
Worried Indian Couple - Calculating pending taxes and bills. Modern-day lifestyle issues - Financial Problem